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Snowshoe honors mountain hero

Suzanne Stewart Staff Writer   As a general rule, when an individual sees a building on fire, they immediately call 911, and wait for help to arrive. In the case of the fire that engulfed the Jerry Holder Builders building October 11 on Rt. 66 at Snowshoe, Dennis “Denny” Wamsley did more than make a call.Wamsley, who works as a maintenance technician at the Inn at Snowshoe, jumped into action when he saw the flames and he was able to help a family who was staying at the Holder building to safely escape the fire. To honor Wamsley for his bravery and swift action, Snowshoe Mountain Resort held a...

First Energy spreads joy this holiday season

Laura Dean Bennett Staff WriterFirst Energy Area Manager John Norman, playing elf for First Energy Foundation, brought holiday cheer and gifts to three local organizations Monday.Norman presented a check for $2,000 to the Watoga Foundation, represented by foundation members Ken Springer and Wayne Pollard. In addition to being a member...

Christmas Spectacle

The Marlinton Christmas Parade filled the town with lights and delight Friday night, as local businesses, schools and churches shared the Christmas spirit. Mitchell Chevrolet generously donated prize money again this year, which resulted in a parade that was “fit for a King.” First place and $1,500 was awarded...

BOE discusses SRS funding, helping troubled students

Suzanne Stewart Staff WriterAt the December 3 Pocahontas County Board of Education meeting, Pocahontas County High School science teacher Justin Dilley gave a report on his recent visit to Washington, D.C., where he testified before the Energy and Natural Resources Committee of Congress.Dilley represented Pocahontas County in the discussion concerning...

Watoga Trail Report

Ken Springer Watoga Park FoundationProfessional Canines Part 3: Dogs that workThere was a hugely popular single-panel comic in the late 1980s called The Far Side. It was found in most major newspapers. One of my favorites, titled Dogs on Their Way to Work, depicted a bus on a busy city street...

Carr finds delicate beauty in salvaged copper

Laura Dean Bennett Staff WriterTerry Carr is a blacksmith and craftsman, although he said he does blacksmithing as a hobby.“I’d be a starving artist if I did this for a living,” Carr said, laughing.You might not think this big, rugged man would have a sensitive side but, apparently, he does.One...

A new furry friend and a new lease on life

Suzanne Stewart Staff WriterAnyone who knows Marlinton resident Roger Trusler knows he’s a busy man. During his grant writing days, he helped the county in countless ways, one of his efforts being the Community Wellness Center in Marlinton. He is also a very active member of Marlinton Rotary, Pocahontas...

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Fifty Years Ago

Preserving Pocahontas

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Seventy-Five Years Ago

Preserving Pocahontas

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Winter Storm Warning until 7 a.m. Tuesday

Extended period of snow expected for some areas by late tonight through Monday night.* WHAT: Snow expected. Snow may be heavy at times. Total...

Building ‘Healthy Grandfamilies’

Suzanne Stewart Staff Writer   The state of West Virginia ranks fourth in the nation for the number of grandparents raising grandchildren. In an effort to provide...

Dog tethering encore at commission meeting

Tim Walker AMR ReporterWhat looked to be a short, maybe even boring Pocahontas County Commission meeting November 19, was livened up by an encore presentation by...

Arbovale Men’s Brotherhood ~ a tradition of service

Suzanne Stewart Staff Writer   “From small acorns mighty oaks grow. From the germ of an idea come all changes, all progress. All reforms were at one...

DTC meeting holds positive notes

Jason Bauserman Contributing Writer      Durbin Town Council met on November 19 for a regular session, where one item of business provided some excitement. Kay Wiley...

Watoga Trail Report

Ken Springer Watoga Park FoundationThis edition of the Watoga Trail Report is dedicated to the folks at the Pocahontas County Humane Society for their hard...

PCHS FFA accepting deer meat donations

Pocahontas County FFA will accept donations of deer meat to turn into burger for the Hunters Helping the Hungry Program.   Local hunters who harvest...

Spreading awareness about diabetes

Lions Club International has taken on Diabetes as one of its global causes, with the purpose of helping to eliminate this dreadful disease that...

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