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Thursday, February 18, 1971

The ice went out of Knapps Creek Saturday afternoon with the help of some dynamite and high water, and the jam from Watoga to Stillwell finally moved out on a 14 to 15 foot flood in the Greenbrier about 3:30 Sunday morning. The ice in the Greenbrier at Marlinton had moved out about noon, going down to pack in against the lower mass. It was fascinating to watch the water swirl in giant circles as the forward movement would begin to break up and move the ice on the river above Marlinton.

Heavy rain fell all night Friday and Saturday morning. At two o’clock the temperature fell dramatically and the rain changed to snow, practically a blizzard.

The real excitement came later in the afternoon when the water kept rising in east Marlinton behind the Stillwell bridge. All the ice in Knapps Creek was within a mile from the mouth. Dynamiting by the State Road sent ice flying and let the ice move. At the dam, the rising water had come over the dam. All at once a surge brought immense cakes of ice out into Ninth Avenue and across Ninth Street, knocking down fences at the Town’s log house, smashing a garage door at Mrs. Blanche Curtis’ and breaking through basement windows to Mrs. C. S. Karmers’ house to do damage within.

The water went into many basements.

As the river rose with the heavy rain, water was backed up on Third Avenue in Marlinton. As it came into the A & P Store, they moved the groceries to one of Burns’ trailers. They had three inches of water before it started falling by eleven. The firemen and rescue squad workers were kept busy pumping basements and being generally helpful.

Fred Morrison kept the Civil Defense and others notified of the situation by radio.

The ice is still something to see on the Buckeye River road and around the dam in Marlinton.

Road and town officials surveyed the damage Monday and discussed measures to prevent a reoccurrence.


Mrs. William Moore, of Stony Bottom, and Mrs. Kathryn Moore Faudree, of Covington, Virginia, are home from a month’s trip to California (arriving back just three days before the earthquake). While in California, they were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dale McLaughlin, of Redondo Beach, and also visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moore, of West Covina, all formerly of Stony Bottom. While sightseeing, Mrs. Moore appeared on the Truth or Consequences TV Show, as a contestant, and will let us know when we can see her on this show. They also visited Las Vegas.

– – –

Eugene Simmons will leave Monday for a two-week vacation in Puerto Rico.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wilfong, of Hillsboro, a son, named Garland Alfred.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moore, of Marilla, New York, a daughter, named Laura Elizabeth.


Silas Workman, 79, of Hillsboro, a son of the late Andrew Jackson and Sarah Workman. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

George Steele Callison, 71, of Oak Hill, formerly of Marlinton, a son of the late Richard and Fannie Beard Callison. Burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Mabel Galford Thomas, 66, of Cass; burial in the Wanless Cemetery on Back Mountain

Cornelius H. Shiflett, 91, of Durbin, a retired employee of the Pocahontas Tannery Company. Burial in the Bethel Cemetery on Back Mountain.

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