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Warriors fall to Wildcats

Aaron Pugh
Contributing Writer

The Pocahontas County High School Warriors traveled to Franklin to face the other PCHS – Pendleton County High School – in one of our big rivalry games. Unfortunately, the Warriors’ tortured season didn’t get a respite as they fell to the Wildcats 9-35.
It was an evenly fought match for most of the game. The Warriors held the Wildcats to two scores in the first half and had some momentum on their side heading into the second half with the score 7-14.

But the pooch kick to start the half by the Warriors was fielded and not covered well and was returned for a touchdown. The Warriors later punted, knocked the ball loose and recovered it in the end zone. But the referees made a very questionable call, claiming the Warriors blocked the return man in the back (who did not signal fair catch and muffed the ball) and forced the Warriors to re-kick instead of getting a touchdown that would have made it a one score game.

The Warriors were plagued by ball security at different times throughout the night, and driving to score on one series were intercepted inside their own 5-yard line. The Warrior defense partially redeemed things though, when two plays later seniors #10 Keaton Baldwin and #66 Jesse Bostic drug the ball carrier down in their own end zone for a safety. The last quarter and a half saw the Warriors lose steam and throw a few interceptions in desperation to try and score. Mistakes the Wildcats would capitalize on.

The Warriors will travel to Hinton October 23 to face the Bobcats of Summers County High School.

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