Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, February 28, 1946

Our Army and Navy Boys

The following is a letter, in part, to J. P. Duncan, from the Navy Department in regard to his son, who volunteered for the Navy in October 1942:

My dear Mr. Duncan:

Your son, Loris Henry Duncan, Electrician’s Mate second class, USNR, has been carried on the official records of the Navy Department in the status of Missing in Action as of 29 January 1945. He was serving on board the U. S. S. Swordfish when that submarine failed to return from patrol operations in the Pacific area.

On 22 December 1944, the Swordfish departed from Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii, took aboard fuel at Midway Island on 26 December 1944 and proceeded to her patrol area in the vicinity of Okinawa. On 3 January 1945, a message was received from the Swordfish, but the submarine failed to return to Saipan on or about 29 January 1945, in accordance with her schedule and no further information has been received by the Navy Department concerning the fate of the submarine or her crew.

In view of the length of time that has now elapsed since your son was reported to be missing and because there has been no official nor unconfirmed reports that any of the personnel of the vessel survived or were taken prisoners of war, I am reluctantly forced to the conclusion that your son is deceased.

I extend my deepest sympathy to you in your sorrow. It is hoped that you may find comfort in the knowledge that your son gave his life for his country, upholding the highest traditions of the Navy.

Sincerely yours,
James Forrestal

– – –

Raymond C. Friel, S 1c, husband of Mrs. Nina Friel, of Marlinton, has returned to his home here with an honorable discharge from the Navy after serving for 28 months in the South Pacific.

Private First Class Shan Rose received his honorable discharge on Tuesday, February 19th, at Fort Meade, Maryland. He has been in service three years, serving in the Air Corps. He and Mrs. Rose are now visiting with his mother, Mrs. Alta Rose. After March 1, he will take a course in Auto Mechanics, at Chicago.

Thomas Moore, of the Marines, was with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed C. Moore, last week. He is just back from the Pacific Coast and is now stationed at Cherry Point, North Carolina.


Mr. and Mrs. Marion Howard, of Buckeye, announce the marriage of their daughter, Joan, to Herbert H. Sharp, on Wednesday, February 20, 1945, at the Methodist parsonage at Hillsboro, by the Rev. R. D. Marshall. Mr. Sharp is back from the Army with an honorable discharge after serving for 18 months overseas.

– – –

On Thursday, February 14, 1946, Miss Velma Maydelle Shinaberry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Shinaberry, of Cass, became the bride of Floyd Elliott Moore, son of Mrs. Eva Moore, of Stony Bottom… The groom has recently been discharged from the Army.

The Hospital

Outside of the Town of Marlinton, I have no line on how goes the drive for private subscriptions for money to keep open the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital. However, in Marlinton, the response has been hearty and the donations liberal.

Solicitors have been asked to serve in every community; however, if no one comes, and you feel so inclined, your subscription can be sent in to The Pocahontas Times. It will be acknowledged. Already Major Meade Waugh, of Indiana, and business man Jake McClure, of Charleston, have so used their old county paper to register their appreciation in substantial form.

Charleston W. Va.
Feb.16, 1946
Dear Calvin:

I noticed in your paper where the hospital was in need of funds to operate and was asking the public for donations, or rather public subscriptions to operate until the court could make the necessary arrangements, so I’m sending you $100 to turn in to the proper authorities as a donation.

Also find check enclosed which will pay my subscription to your paper which I think is past due and give me credit for an advance subscription with what is left. I intended to stop in and take care of my subscription when I was up home some time but just never thought of it when I was down town.

I do hope they get the hospital straightened out, as it’s needed badly in that community. They were extremely nice to my mother when her hip was broken a year ago.

Stop in and visit with me some time when you are down here.

Very truly yours,
Jake R. McClure


A representative group of sportsmen of upper Pocahontas county met in the I. O. O. F. Hall at Durbin on the evening of February 19, 1946, for the purpose of determining the advisability of a Sportsman’s Club, the activities and interests of which will be centered in the northern part of the county. All those present were of the opinion that the existence of such a club would produce beneficial results and expressed approval of its organization by unanimous vote. The organization will be known as the Upper Pocahontas County Sportsmen’s Association.

– – –

The other morning, there were robins about the place. While they were singing and chirping, I could see they were busy looking for fitting and proper places to build nests and begin housekeeping. While there were a few robins about town all winter, these were individuals who toughed the winter through here in the Valley. The robins about now are our oldest residenters, I figure, who return year after year.

– – –

Cecil Curry reports no less than twenty-five pairs of red birds at his bird feeding station at the water plant.

Fairview Farm For Sale

Farm of 288 acres, two miles south of Hillsboro on State Highway 219. Good ten room house, newly painted. Water in the house, electric lights, cellar, three barns, two tenant houses, many outbuildings, six never failing springs. Orchard and fruit trees of all kinds. 250 acres cleared, 75 acres of which is in cultivation and balance in woodland. Some timber. 93 acres of this is adjoining tract, grazing land adjoining State Park; well watered by springs. This home is overlooking the beautiful Little Levels Valley and the town of Hillsboro. This is among one of the best stock and grain farms in this section.

The reason for selling is that I am retiring from farming. If interested, come and see me. The early bird catches the worm.

I.B. Shrader, Owner
Hillsboro, W. Va.

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