Thursday, March 23, 1944

Our Army and Navy Boys

Under date of March 12, the Adjutant General wired Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lester that their son, Private First Class William B. Lester, had been seriously injured in Guadalcanal on March 6th.

H. M. Warren, Jr., is home from the Army on furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Warren, at Buckeye.

Thomas Moore has been assigned to the Marines, and he is now in training at Parris Island, South Carolina.

Basil C. Sharp and James McGraw have been assigned to the Infantry and are now in training at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

The War Department has announced that Major Zed S. Smith, Jr., of Marlinton, is one of six West Virginians, members of the Fifth Air Force, to be decorated for their achievements. The Major received the Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster to the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Mrs. Mary E. Dominici, of Clover Lick, has received word that her son, Sgt. June R. McCloud, of the U. S. Army, has arrived safely overseas.

George E. Hefner, Seaman Second Class, of the Coast Guard, in service the past eight months, has returned to his station at New Orleans after spending a week’s leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lanty Hefner, at Millpoint.

Tech. Sergeant MacArthur L. Bussard was home on a seven-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bussard, of Stony Bottom.

Clyde Anderson, of the Army, is home on furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emory E. Anderson.

Jarrell Clifton, of the Navy, returned to the Great Lakes Naval Station, Monday after spending a leave here with his wife and children.

Our young friend Taylor Townsend, writes us as follows from Somewhere in England:

Dear Mr. Price;

Will write you these few lines to an “Old Timer” and fellow West Virginian to say hello and hope everything is fine with you.

Well, I guess those good old West Virginia hills are covered with snow, but I sure would like to see them right now. I cannot say much about this country, but it is all the way different from America, but believe me, from what I have seen there are some mighty fine people here.

I met two boys from Marlinton on the journey over: Leland Weatherholt and Lloyd Alderman. Sure was good to see them.

Well, I am nearly out of space and, lest I forget, please send my paper to this address for it is always a “mad stampede” when my paper comes, and even sometimes I have to read it second or third, so just keep up those bear stories for us.

As ever,

Pocahontas Mobilizes

4-Hers observed National 4-H Mobilization Week, March 4 – 12 throughout the county.

The Federal Extension Service issued a special call for 4-H club meetings throughout the nation. Realizing that America’s food supply represents “the greatest potential weapon of war in our fight against the Axis.” Radio broadcasts paid tribute throughout the week to 4-H clubs for their wartime achievements and encouraged new and old members to go all out in helping Uncle Sam’s call for a five percent increase in food production.

President Roosevelt stated in his talk to 4-H boys and girls, “For this year, more than ever, members of 4-H Clubs will be among the shock troops on the food production front to give that extra impetus to the war effort, so essential to ultimate victory.”

State Boys 4-H Leader I. B. Boggs, of Morgantown, District Agent H.M. Bower, and Extension workers visited the fifteen clubs now organized in the county. These clubs are: Cass Do More, Seneca Go-Getters, Seneca Trail 4-H Club, Powhatan Trail Blazers, Seneca Hustlers, Dunmore Flying Eagles, Marlinton Jolly Pioneers, Greenbank Merry Wigglers, Allegheny Skyliners, Buckeye Dirt Gardeners, Hillsboro Victory Club, Hillsboro Pep-to-Win, Dunmore Mountaineers, Marlinton Ta-Wa-Si and Cass Handy Andy…

Livestock Market

On last Thursday, State Agricultural Commissioner J. B. McLaughlin was in Marlinton to meet with Pocahontas County farmers, to consider the question of granting a franchise for a livestock market to be established at Marlinton. The result of the meeting was that the charter was granted as of March 17, and the market established. Among those attending the meeting were G. C. Beard, Neil Hevener, Howard Hevener, H. H. Beard, Hal Moore, W. H. Barlow, E. F. McLaughlin, D. M. Callison, Charles Wilfong, Z. S. Smith, Jr., Oley W. Jackson, F. W. Ruckman, E. S. Clutter, Wilbur Moore, Hevener Dilley, John Wimer, Ira T. Hannah, Frank Deputy, Clyde Bussard, W. B. Waugh, Clarence Newman, Ben Morgan…

A regular market in a town is a desirable thing for local business as well as a convenience to the farmer. You know it is only natural that when a man gets a check he is liable to spend some of it for some things he needs or merely wants before he gets out of town.


Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Eades, of Second Avenue, announce the marriage of their daughter, Winona Lee, to Sergeant James H. Thomas, of the Army Air Corps, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Thomas, of Buckeye.

The ceremony was performed at 3:30 p.m. March 15, 1944, at the Presbyterian Manse, with the Rev. James C. Wool officiating. They were attended by Mrs. Clarence Michael, sister of the bride, and Mrs. John Moore, Jr., sister of the groom…

Sergeant Thomas will return to Fort Benning, Georgia, on April 3rd, where he is now stationed. He recently returned from two years’ service in Alaska.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Friel, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Chicoba Grace.