Thursday, June 10, 1965

The bear who had been killing Kyle Hannah’s sheep was killed by Arthur Friel last Friday on Gibson’s Knob on Elk. Oscar Sharp and his dogs had just jumped the bear, Mr. Friel twice wounded him, and he got into a briar patch. They surrounded the patch and Blackie brought the bear out – practically had him by the tail.
Mr. Friel killed him with a dandy shot. Lined up for the kill were Fred Burns, Larry Davis, the Vandevender boys, Martin Sharp, Sonny Shaw, Kyle Hannah, Sonny Ramsey, two Carpenter boys and maybe some others. Oscar said it was like old times on Elk.
The bear dressed out at 178 pounds which would make it about 200 pounds on foot.
About the same time Steamboat III took off after another smaller bear. The group didn’t quite realize what was happening but the dog did and chased that bear into the head of Clover Creek.

Fourteenth Graduate
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sharp, of Route 1, Marlinton, saw Charlotte, the youngest of their children, graduate from Marlinton High School Tuesday, June 1, 1965. This completed the record – fourteen children, fourteen graduates. This seems to be a record in this state. Mr. and Mrs. Sharp were presented a plaque at the Commencement Exercises by H. A. Yeager, principal. They received congra- tulatory letters from Governor Hulett Smith, State Superintendent Rex Smith, and others.
Following the commencement a surprise reception was held in the gymnasium. Paul Overholt served as master of ceremonies. The Rev. George McCune gave the invocation and benediction. The visitors were welcomed by Mrs. Pat [Sharp] Lamoureux, Mrs. Brenda [Sharp] Doss gave a testimonial for their mother and Mrs. Catherine [Sharp] Baechtel gave a testimonial for their father. The family history was given by their son, State Trooper Donald Sharp.
M. H. Brooks, Superintendent of Pocahontas Schools spoke on the importance of education.
Mr. and Mrs. Sharp were married March 3, 1922, and have five daughters, nine sons and 41 grandchildren. Mr. Sharp retired two years ago as manager of the local Southern States Cooperative Store. He taught school for 19 years. His mother, Mrs. Mary C. Sharp, was also present.
Those here for the occasion with their wives and husbands, were:
Jack Arnold Sharp, heavy equipment operator, and son, Richwood; Earl Milburn Sharp, Greyhound bus operator, three children, St. Albans; Lew Warwick Sharp, pipe fitter, Ashland Oil, Kenova, Ohio, four children; Dempsey T. Sharp, U. S. Soil Conservation, Webster Springs, three children; Catherine Elizabeth Beachtel, Kensington Maryland, eight children; Craig Arthur Sharp, U. S. Reformatory employee, Hopewell, Virginia, four children; Donald James Sharp, West Virginia State Trooper, Glenville, four children; Tommy David Sharp, clerk at C. J. Richardson, Marlinton, one daughter; Patricia Wanona Lam- oureux, elementary teacher, Blacksburg, Virginia, four children; Brenda Carol Doss, Marlinton, three children; Glenda Charlotte Sharp, this year’s graduate.
Unable to attend were Staff Sergeant Charles Herbert Sharp and four children, with the U. S. Air Force in Paris, France, and Leslie Douglas Sharp, with the U. S. Special Forces, Thailand, and Louise Kay Roy, and two children, of Gwinn, Michigan.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Max Gum, of Kansas City, Missouri, a daughter, Rhonda Ranee.

Dives Sharp, 87, of Huntersville; born at Woodrow, the son of the late William and Belle Kelley Sharp.
Mrs. Ruth Kearns Friel, 68, of Cass; a daughter of the late Isaac and Sarah Kearns. Burial in the Clawson Cemetery.
Emmons Moore, 65, of Dunmore a daughter of the late Joseph and Mary Susan Moore. Burial in the family cemetery.

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