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Thursday, April 29, 2971


Guests of President and Mrs. Nixon at Sunday church services at the White House on April 18 were Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Sprouse, of Frost, and their children, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sprouse, of Elkins, Mr. and Mrs. Brownie Sprouse, of Baltimore, Maryland, and Mrs. Karen Bradley, of Clifton Forge, Virginia. This was the regular Easter service, delayed a week. The minister was Rev. Dr. Carl W. Haley, pastor of Arlington Forest United Methodist Church.

Mr. Harley’s father was pastor of the Marlinton Methodist Church around 1930; he sent his regards to his friends in Marlinton. 

Mrs. Sprouse had corresponded with the President concerning the natural beauties of our county and the need for employment opportunities for our youth. He greeted them personally, remarked on the letters, etc. The approximately 300 guests remained for the informal reception and refreshments following services.

All of the Sprouse men have served in the U. S. Armed Forces. Mr. Sprouse served in World War II; one son, Leroy, was killed in Vietnam. 

Tannery Spill

A pond wall gave way at the Frank Tannery last week, releasing close to two million gallons of water. They were trying to give additional treatment to the solution and had an extra foot in the pond, two acres by eight feet deep. The flood of water went through about $10,000 worth of leather, which will have to be reworked, and got around a truck to the floor boards. The accident killed an undetermined number of fish, but they used a neutralizing solution from the bridge at Clover Lick and ended the trouble.


The Pocahontas County High School Drama Club will present three one act plays Thursday, May 6, at 8 p.m. Admission is 75 cents per person.

“Madness in Triple Time” mixes three teenage girls with movie star ambitions with a case of mistaken identity to cause hilarious results and, of course, a happy ending for all. Acting in this play are Jocelyn Beverage, Debbie Jackson, Terry Payne, Donna Sharp, Steve Weatherholt and Ronald Wilmore.

A drama, “To Burn a Witch,” has as its setting the Salem witch hunts of the 1600s. Two young girls, accused of being witches are caught between lying to live or facing death by remaining honest to themselves and God. Dianne Kellogg, Lori Kellogg, Annie Price and Denise Wilmore fill the roles in this play.

What would happen if the boy-girl roles in the dating situation were switched is explored in the comedy, “If Girls Asked Boys for Dates.” Taking the parts are Rose Dale, Quince Friel, Wanda Sharp, Steve Weatherholt and Sharon Woods.


Marlinton Mayor James R. Waugh, 58, a son of Mrs. Mary Ellen Merritt Waugh, of Marlinton, and the late George B. Waugh. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Sally Noble Poage McClure, 71, of Marlinton, a daughter of the late Thomas O. and Mattie Mann Poage. Burial in the Poage Lane Methodist Church cemetery.

Mrs. Viola Plummer, 85, of Hillsboro; born at Gap Mills, a daughter of the late R. Pendleton and Nancy Caldwell Hutchinson. Burial in the Sunset Memorial Park at South Charleston.

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