Thursday, December 11, 1969

Boys and Girls in Service

Rick Griffin is in Da Nang, Vietnam. Rick is the nephew of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Weiford and attended Marlinton High School.
Major Eddie Faulknier arrived home Friday in Fairmont from Vietnam, and will visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Faulknier, this week.

SFC. Robert L. Gilmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lanty Gilmore, of Marlinton, was sent to Honolulu, Hawaii, from Vietnam on temporary duty. He has returned to Vietnam for eight more months of duty.

Army Specialist Four Dwight B. Kinnison, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Neil S. Kinnison, of Hillsboro, was assigned as a wireman in the 25th Infantry Division near Tay Ninh, Vietnam, November 18.

The Man in the Henhouse

While there is little doubt but what Newton Clutter, of Pocahontas County, has got his reward by now, I think there ought to be a little more for him here on earth than just a tombstone. Anybody in Pocahontas County will tell you that there never was a greater, or better man, and he wasn’t hiding behind the door when compassion and human understanding were passed out. One night, his wife heard a noise in the chicken house and she told him he had better see what it was. He went out in the cold to see, and when he saw what he saw, he could hardly believe his eyes.

It was a man Newton knew, a fellow who didn’t get along too well; had a big family, and all that. The fellow was cowering in the dark, away from Newton’s lantern, shivering and trying to cover his face, and Newton said for him to come into the house with him and warm up. I suppose if you are caught like that in a man’s chicken house, you’d do just about what he said, even if he did say something you didn’t expect. Or even understand, maybe.

Anyhow, he went in and when he got warm and had eaten something and drunk a cup of coffee, he excused himself and left. After he’d gone, Newton’s wife pitched into Newton pretty furious like. She said that Newton knew what the man was in the chicken house for, and if that wasn’t something, bringing him into the house! A thief, that’s what he was, a thief and nothing else.

Newton said he didn’t know. If the worst thing a man did was take a chicken or two, what would it hurt anybody. ~ Hillbilly
Newton Clutter was the father of Vinton Clutter, of Hillsboro.


Sharp – McNellan

Mr. and Mrs. Otis Galford, of Marlinton, wish to announce the marriage of their daughter, Linda Sharon McNellan, to Oliver Ray Sharp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Sharp, of Marlinton, on Saturday, November 15, 1969.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Delmas J. Lane, of Baltimore, Maryland, a daughter, named Louisa Cameron.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. V. Wayne White, of White Sulphur Springs, a son, named Vincent Wayne, II.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Buzzard, of Slaty Fork, a son, named Jason Emory.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Wyatt, of Warsaw, Indiana, a son, named Mark Daron.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter McClure, of Hillsboro, a son, named James Brian.


Mrs. Mary F. Harper, 93, of Hillsboro; a daughter of the late William H. and Effie Lee Auldridge. Burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery.

Mrs. Eva Pleasant Gumm Kennison, age 91 and 9 months, of Marlinton; a daughter of the late Millard Fillmore and Mary Gay Gumm. Mrs. Kennison was known as “Granny” to most of those who knew her; she spent most of her life in Pocahontas County. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Jesse L. Mullenax, 67, a retired tanner for Howes Leather Company in Frank; a son of the late Madison and Vergie Tracy Mullenax. He was a lifelong bachelor. Burial in the IOOF Cemetery at Elkins.

Charles Clawson Underwood, 84, of Huntersville, a son of the late Charles Wesley and Katherine Moore Underwood. Burial in Beaver Creek Cemetery.

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