July 7, 1965

Buckskin Powder Horn
Three hundred and three full time campers were at Buckskin last week. It was the largest in the history of the camp.
They started their week’s program on Sunday evening with the opening campfire under the direction of Steve Sutton, Camp Chaplain. Prior to that there was a registration period, swim check and medical recheck under nurse Jane Hamed, of Green Bank. Some excitement was caused when Camper Brian Eades, of Charleston, ran a stick down his throat. He was rushed to Charleston on the recommendation of Dr. Rexrode and is doing fine. Each week the hospital in Marlinton and the staff of doctors and nurses volunteer their time to serve the campers. Nurse Eula Gibson was the first to check in campers, then nurse Hamed and Dr. Sharp will do the service this Sunday when two hundred and seventy-nine new campers come in…

At long last, contracts were signed last Thursday for $670,000 worth of improvements to the Cass Scenic Railroad.
The Department of Natural Resources awarded a contract to Mountain State Construction Company of Charleston for the rehabilitation of the entire 12 miles of track to the top of 4,842 ft. Bald Knob. This will cost $497,476. The second contract for $173,786 went to Given Construction Company of Upper Glade for completion of the large parking lot, renovation of the depot, enlargement of sanitary facilities and construction of two overlook areas, one at the present stopping place ant the second at the top.
The money is part of the EDA federal-state grant and loan project of State Parks expansion.

Open Church Wedding
In an open church ceremony planned for four o’clock on Sunday afternoon, July 27th, in the Marlinton Presbyterian Church, Miss Carla Howard Gladwell will become the bride of James Clyde Totten. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Gladwell and Mr. and Mrs. Denzil C. Totten, of Buckeye.
The Rev. Fred Walker will officiate at the double-ring ceremony and a reception will be held in the social room of the church.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Rose, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a son, named Gary Thomas.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Cuskey, of Rockford, Illinois, a daughter, named Cathy May. Mrs. Cuskey is the former Joan Morrison, of Hillsboro.

Mrs. Michael T. (Violet) Waslo, 41, of Green Bank, was killed Monday, July 4, 1966, in a car wreck at Buckeye while enroute to Beckley to visit her mother, Mrs. Ruby Burroughs, of Mac-Arthur. Born  at Glen White, she was a daughter of the late William F. Spier and Mrs. Ruby Burroughs. Burial in the Sunset Memorial Park.
Tharp Gay Kelley, 57, of Knapps Creek; a son of the late Amos and Minnie McCarty Kelley. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Franklin Winchester Cromer, a lifelong resident of Durbin and a lumberjack; burial in the Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery.
Peter David Kelley, 88, of Cass; a son of the late Amos and Alice Griffin Kelley. Burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.
Emery L. Ware, 68, of Marlinton; a son of the late Floyd and Amanda Ware, of Clover Lick. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Winfred John Fertig, 25, son of Earl W. and Arleen K. Fertig, died in Amherst, Ohio, from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.
Mrs. Freida Dovie Houchins, 59, of Hinton; a daughter of the late Walter and Elle Mullenax.