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Dear Editor:
It is time we tell the whole truth about wi-fi and its use in the greater Green Bank area.
I don’t know the reason why the narrative “wi-fi is unavailable here” is continued. Whether it was in the Popular Science magazine April 2015 issue, The Washingtonian magazine January 2016 issue or just as recently as the June 23, 2016 edition of The Pocahontas Times, the misinforming goes on.
However, wi-fi accessibility is being spread by more and more people here every day.
For starters, the phone/TV companies provide router boxes with antennae that are spraying toxic radiation at over a legal limit up to and over 100 yards away from their source – at home, in schools, at work, at places of recreation, businesses and in churches.
Some people who do not want this to be happening to themselves or their loved ones have believed they were turning off the antennae when they “disabled” it. They come only to find out the antennae continue to spew DNA damaging, brain altering, cancer-causing radiation all over themselves, their family and neighbors. The deleterious effects to the human body have been scientifically demonstrated well-beyond a precautionary measure point with over 20 years of non-industry funded research and reporting.
The body corrupting microwave radiation from routers can be stopped; the router has to be shut off completely to guarantee its inoperability. Or one can at an additional expense to a household budget, take control of their environment to protect the health and well-being of themselves and other, and purchase their own router without antennae form the open marketplace as the communications companies are failing to respond with a hardwired requested options for subscribers.
Is a machine such as the Green Bank Telescope more important than us, naturally made frequency filled and self-regulating humans?
The state law that protects the operation of the NRAO telescopes does nothing to protect our families from man-made frequency interference.
In the meantime…
We, collectively, can no longer remain ignorant of the dangers. The frequencies used by many devices are the same which the U.S. Military deploys in its non-lethal mind-altering and incapacitating technology described in a 1998 released, 2006 declassified Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requested document.
When we are made aware of the dangerous electro-smog building up in our environmentally respectful Pocahontas County, that which is filled with plague-laden microwaves, what would drive anyone to intentionally fry themselves with wi-fi Internet/TV/phone access, cordless and cell/not-so-smart phones, tablets and appliances usage?
Be blessed and hardwired,
Monique Grimes
Green Bank

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