Rhubarb Cobbler
7 Tbsp. butter, divided
¾ cup brown sugar
½ cup sugar, divided
3 Tbsp. cornstarch
1 ¼ cups water
6 cups chopped fresh rhubarb
1 ¼ cups flour
1 ½ tsp. baking powder
¼ tsp salt
1/3 cup milk
Whipped cream

Melt 3 Tbsp. butter in a saucepan over medium heat.
Add brown sugar, ¼ cup sugar and cornstarch.
Stir in water and rhubarb.
Cook and stir until thickened.
Pour into a greased 2-quart baking dish and set aside.
Combine flour, baking powder, salt and remaining sugar in a bowl.
Melt remaining butter.
Add to dry ingredients and add milk.
Mix well, and drop tablespoons full onto the rhubarb mixture.
Bake at 350º for 35 to 40 minutes.
Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar.
Serve with whipped cream – or ice cream.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Sauce
2 ½ cups fresh rhubarb, chopped
1 cup water
½ cup sugar
2 Tbsp. lemon zest
¼ tsp. salt
1 cup fresh or frozen strawberries
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
¼ tsp. ground cinnamon
Combine rhubarb, water, sugar, lemon zest and salt in a saucepan.
Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat.
Cook uncovered, over medium heat until rhubarb is soft.
Remove from heat and let stand for five minutes.
Stir in strawberries, lemon juice and cinnamon.
Serve over pound cake or angel food cake.

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