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MS. EDDIE RAN a tight ship at the Watoga Restaurant. Stories about her work and others should be shared and recorded for future generations. K. Springer photo

Ken Springer
Watoga Park Foundation

The Watoga Restaurant

By all accounts, and there are many, Ms. Eddie Foster Washington was a force to be reckoned with as well as a fabulous cook. She ran the kitchen at the old Watoga State Park Restaurant several decades ago. 

And, she apparently ran it with an iron fist. She considered the kitchen her kingdom and she ran it as such. Let’s just say that if you didn’t get permission to enter her kitchen, she may have run you out with a flyswatter; even if you were the governor of the great state of West Virginia.

I am gathering information about the 70-year history of the restaurant for an upcoming Watoga Trail Report.

This story would not be complete without the memories of Ms. Eddie and all of the other figures associated with a restaurant that is still missed by many readers of this post.

If you have any stories or anecdotes about the old Watoga restaurant, Ms. Eddie, a special moment in the restaurant, have pictures, or if you worked there, please contact me, Ken Springer, at ken49bon@gmail.com

Let’s keep the great memories of Watoga State Park alive for future generations!

Happy hiking and dining,
Ken Springer

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