Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, November 29, 1945

Our Army and Navy Boys

T-5 Gerald McNeill, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnot McNeill arrived home last week from the Army with an honorable discharge. He has been in service 3 years and 8 months with 30 months spent in hard duty overseas.

Corporal Virgil H. Fowler, of the Army Air Corps, and Corporal G. Warren Fowler, of the U. S. Army, sons of Mrs. Margaret Fowler, of Hillsboro, are home with honorable discharges. Corporal Virgil spent some 20 months in the Pacific area, while Corporal Warren has just returned from a year on the European fronts. Mrs. Fowler has another son, Patrick Dalyle, F 1-c, on the U.S.S. Baltimore, somewhere in the South Pacific.

Corporal Forest Beverage, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Beverage, is home with an honorable discharge after thirty-three months of service in the European area.

James E. Beard, Ivan Barlow and John Gay, all of the Sea Bees, have received their discharges and returned to their homes here after long and hard service in the Pacific area.

Graham Tallman, of the Sea Bees, is at Cass with an honorable discharge from the naval service at the separation center at Bainbridge, Maryland. He has recently been released from the Naval Hospital where he had three weeks’ treatment. Entering the service in June 1942, he served 32 months overseas and made the second tour.


Charles Edward McElwee and Miss Lois Brill were married at the Marlinton Methodist Church on Friday morning, November 23, 1945, at 11 o’clock. The officiating minister was Rev. Fred Oxendale, of Clendenen, assisted by Rev. Wallace Stetler, brother-in-law of the bride…

The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Lura M. Brill and the late Ira D. Brill…

Mr. McElwee is a son of Mr. and Mrs. June McElwee. He is just out of the Army after many months of active service in the European area…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Walker, a son, named William Filmore.


The following pupils in the Pocahontas county schools have qualified as “Top Notchers” during the first six-week period of the present term:

Kerr: Patricia Ann Notthingham, 4th.

Marlinton Graded: Jo Ann Beverage, 4th; Doris Ella Cooper, 4th; Nancy Ward Currence, 4th; Mary Jarvis Currence, 4th; Patricia Curtis, 4th; Sybil Lea Davis, 4th; Suzanne Rexrode, 4th; Jennie Sharp, 4th; Dorothy Weatherholt, 4th; Doris Weatherholt, 4th; Nancy Yeager, 4th; Gregory Bush, 4th; Richard Callison, 4th; Kenneth Hamrick, 4th; Ronald Moses, 4th’ James Wool, 4th; Louise Bowers, 4th; Phyllis Carpenter, 4th; Lemuel Defibaugh, 4th; Daniel Greene, 4th; Mary Jo McElwee, 4th; Betty Mc-Million, 4th; James Tyree, 4th; Samuel Curry, 5th; Donald Defibaugh, 5th; Clarence Jack, 5th; French A. Moore, Jr., 5th ; Basil Price Sharp, 5th; Caroline Beverage, 5th; Josephine Carpenter, 5th; Carolyn G. Kellison, 5th; Exa Kellison, 5th; Patricia Ann McNeill, 5th; Peggy Jean Moore, 5th; Nancy Jane Rexrode, 5th; Ann Golding Richardson, 5th; Lorraine Robinson, 5th; Jane Ruckman, 5th; Patricia Ann Shafer, 5th; Vera Vallandingham, 5th; Kenneth Lovelace, 5th; Donald Sharp, 5th; Thomas Shaw, 5th; Kenneth M. Ervine, Jr., 5th; James Davis, 6th; Betty Jean Landis, 6th; Barbara Moses, 6th; Eva Jane Sharp, 6th; Kathrine Tumblin, 6th; Eldon Fertig, 7th; Fred Johnson, 7th; Craig Sharp, 7th; Harry Tyree, 7th; Earl Wanless, 7th; Nancy Adkison, 7th; Alice Jack, 7th; Grace Dean, 7th; Deborah Landers, 7th; Fleeta Thompson, 7th; Grant Bush, 7th; Curtis Cur-ry, 7th; Porter Kellison, 7th; Eddie VanReenen, 7th; Evelyn Curry, 7th; Ann Jean Daetwyler Hadock, 7th; Peggy Madison, 7th; Thelma Jo Gum, 7th; Martha Edna Lee McElwee, 7th; Sally Rexrode, 7th; Katherine Wool, 7th; Creola Schumaker, 7th; Elma Shinaberry, 7th; Dorothy Stuart, 7th; Harper Callison, 8th; Eddie Lightner, 8th; Daniel Moore, 8th; Herman Curry, 8th; Lorraine Alderman, 8th; Jean Burdette, 8th; Barbara Burns, 8th; Bonnie Carpenter, 8th; Mary Frances Pyles, 8th; Wanda Clark, 8th; Sue Harper, 8th; Carolyn Tho-mas, 8th; Virginia Tyree, 8th; Ann Yeager, 8th; Peggy Mae Zickafoose, 8th; Ernestine Cutlip, 8th; Gilda Gay, 8th; Lucy Rose, 8th; Joyce Thomas, 8th; Dale Curry, 8th; Jimmy Moore, 8th; Hale Alderman, 8th; Floyd Davis, Jr., 8th; Eugene Galford, 8th; Robert Galford, 8th; Edith Barnes, 8th; Robert Pyles, 8th; Dorothy Buzzard, 8th; Grace Gay, 8th; Lou Ellen Green, 8th; Mescal Morrison, 8th; Mary Underwood, 8th.

Minnehaha Springs: Alma Pennybacker, 6th; Harley Wanless, 6th.

Mt. Lebanon: Elba Kellison, 6th; Joan Morrison, 7th.

Old Lick: Kennie Bennett, 5th; Hazel Arbogast, 8th; Jean Johnston, 8th.

Pleasants Hill: Betty Alderman 4th; Evelyn Mace, 4th; Eugene Wilfong, 6th.

Seneca Trail: Rella Mace, 4th; Geraldine Page, 4th; Harold Beale, 4th; Harold Gibson, 8th.

West Droop: Opal Brown, 8th; Anita Cutlip, 8th; Gail Cutlip, 8th; Foster Cutlip, 7th; Harry Wiley, 7th; Marietta Ray, 6th; Flora Lee Barrett, 6th; Eugene Brown 5th; Jerry Starks, 5th.

Woodrow: Clenston Dulaney, 4th; Opal Greene, 4th; Wilma Galford, 5th; Floyd VanReenen, 6th; Geraldine McCurry; Jewel Galford 6th.

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