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Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, July 26, 1945

Our Army and Navy Boys

With the Fifth Army, Italy – PFC Charles D. Cassell, ammunition bearer, son of Mrs. Grace E. Cassell, of Cass, is a member of the 2nd Battalion of the 339th “Polar Bear” Regiment, which discovered 133 political hostages in an isolated Italian Alpine camp in the Fifth Army sector.

The 339th is part of the 85th “Custer” Division. Led by General Garibaldi, Partisan Leader who had just escaped from the camp, men from the 2nd Battalion climbed the snow-covered Dolomite Alps and surrounded the camp at dawn. The surprised German garrison surrendered without having had a chance to fire.

Most of the hostages had been prisoners of the Gestapo for as long as eight years. According to their testimony, they were to have been put to death on the arrival of the Americans, since it was believed some of them had been executed long before. Among them were Kurt Schusschnigg, Leon Blum, Martin Niemoller, Dr. Hyalmar Schacht and Gritz Thyssen.

– – –

George William Duncan, Seaman, First Class, of the Navy, is home on leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Duncan, at Buckeye. He has been in Service 16 months, 13 of which has been served aboard a Destroyer in active duty in the Pacific theatre.

– – –

James McGraw, Jr., has arrived in America after almost a year in Europe.

– – –

On Sunday, June McElwee talked to his son, Charles Edward, who had just arrived in New York from long service in Europe.


Rice Alderman and Clifford Snyder, are being held in jail on suspicion for the killing of James Lee Bowers. No date for the preliminary hearing has been set as of this writing. Bowers came up missing about June 11, last. His body was found in a shallow grave in Alderman’s corn field near Stillwell. He had been shot.


I would never have heard tell about the big ground hog on Browns Creek which is reported seen wearing specs and holding a meerschaum pipe in his mouth, if I had not been told by Moody Moore, the hereditary high chief of the Brown Crickers. At last report, it had not been ascertained with any degree of certainty whether or not the ground hog had actually fired and smoked the pipe or was merely holding it in make believe fashion in his mouth. Moody is under promise for to look out for such further details.

Investigation, however, has brought out these interesting facts: Not many weeks since, the Mayor of Minnehaha Springs betook himself across Browns Mountain for to stock up fresh meat by hunting ground hogs in Browns Valley. In the course of his rambles he lost his favorite smoking pipe. In a day or two, he retraced his steps, in hopes of seeing or scenting the pipe, for which he held strong attachments.

While looking for the pipe, the Mayor saw a big ground hog at the mouth of his hole. He took a pop shot, and the game withdrew down his burrow.

Going to the hole and looking down it, the Mayor’s expensive bi-focal eye glasses slipped off and fell down the almost perpendicular hole. He spent the best part of half a day trying to dig those glasses out, but without success.

Since that unlucky day, the report persists that a big ground hog has been seen toward the close of day sitting up in the rays of a setting sun, with bifocal specs before his eyes and a meerschaum pipe in his mouth.

However, so far as Moody has heard, no smoke has been reported as yet.

Local Mention

Mrs. A. H. Gibson had quite a surprise recently when her sister, Mrs. Hattie Huff, and her seven children, Lucille, Charles, Kyle, Tutcar, Charleen, David and Geraldine, motored from Indiana, Pennsylvania, to visit her. The two sisters had not seen each other for twenty-seven years, and it was a real meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson joined them and they went to Crozet, Charlottesville and Burnley, Virginia, to visit two other sisters, Mrs. Mollie Gibson and Mrs. Mattie Lamb, and their brother, P. J. Gentry, neither of whom Mrs. Huff had seen for thirty-four years. They have returned home after a very pleasant trip.

– – –

Dale Boggs, who has been a patient at the Pocahontas Memorial Hospital, and his parents, wish to thank everyone, and especially the nurses, who were so kind to him during the time he spent in the hospital. He has returned to his home, and thanks to Dr. Hamrick, he is making a good recovery from a broken jaw bone, a broken collar bone and three fractured ribs received in a wreck on a bicycle.

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