Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, April 4, 1946

Our Army and Navy Boys

Houston Simmons, recently discharged form the Army, returned to his former job at the Fish Hatchery Monday.

Private First Class Winfred G. Beverage, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Beverage, is home with an honorable discharge from the Army, after 24 months of service. He served 18 months overseas.

Paul Tibbs, of Seebert, is home with an honorable discharge from the Army, having served in the European theatre and the South Pacific.

Corporal Robert L. Smith is home with an honorable discharge after 35 months of service in the Army Air Forces.

Corporal Roy Simmons who has been in service the past three years is home with an honorable discharge. He was in the battle of Iwo Jima.


Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Grimes and son, Blair, spent the weekend with Mrs. Grimes’ parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emery Shue, at Droop.
Mrs. Odie Gay, who was ill for some time, is improved.

Corporal Carl V. Ray, who is home from China on a 90-day furlough, spent the weekend with relatives in the Hills.

Mrs. Anderson Grimes has been ill at her home for some time.

Mrs. Rose Birchfield and daughter, Goldille, visited her sister, Mrs. Zula Williams, at Droop.

Miss Jewel Shrader spent Monday night with her aunt, Mrs. Autosue Dolan.

The Mt. Zion Farm Woman’s Club held their March meeting at the home of Mrs. Walter Hively. Six members, two visitors and Mrs. LaRose were present. The lesson, “Good Food from Good Soil,” was led by Mrs. Raymond Grimes and discussed by all. The devotion was led by Mrs. Hively. Two dollars was donated to the Red Cross. The hostess entertained with a sugar stirring, which was enjoyed by all.


Miss Mary Louise Sharp returned to Greenbrier College for Women Monday. She spent her spring vacation here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sharp.

Dr. J. W. Price continues ill at his rooms in the Bank of Marlinton Building.

Honorable John Boyer, of Charlottesville, Va., sends in a contribution to the Pocahontas County Memorial Hospital Fund, to help pay this well worthwhile institution out of the red.

Charles Richardson, III, has returned to his studies at Fork Union Academy, Fork Union, Virginia, after spending the spring vacation here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richardson.

Miss Fleeta Lang has returned from New York City, where she was buying new spring goods for Lang’s Dress Shoppe.

Master Shepherd

Howard Hevener was proclaimed the Master Shepherd of Pocahontas County for the year 1946 at the annual banquet of those participating in the program. The supper was served in the dining room of the Marlinton Methodist church last Friday night…


Carpenters – Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rogers, of Buckeye, have announced the marriage of their daughters Miss Gladys Rebecca Rogers to Mr. Dempsey W. Carpenter, and Miss Betty Marie Rogers to Mr. Claude V. Carpenter, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Carpenter, of Millpoint. The double wedding ceremony was solemnized at the Manse by the Rev. James C. Wool, pastor of the Marlinton Presbyterian church, on March 15, 1946, at 4 o’clock p.m.

After their graduation from Marlinton High School, the former Miss Gladys Rogers has been employed at the Naval Mine Depot at Yorktown, Va., for the past twenty months. The former Miss Betty Rogers has been employed in Harry Sharp’s Newsstand at Marlinton.

The grooms have recently been discharged from the Army after many months of overseas duty.


Four or five years ago, George Alderman was down in the community at the mouth of Swago Creek. He heard a strange noise, like a boy trying to yodel, like they do over the radio, and making rather poor of it. When Mr. Alderman mentioned the matter, his friends assured him the noise was made by a crow, and this particular crow had been known in the community by his voice for a full twenty-five years or more. He immediately dubbed the bird the “yodeling crow.”

Since then, Mr. Alderman has heard this yodeling crow as far north as Dunmore, and also over on Beaver Creek.

Checking up on the life expectancy of crows, I find the books say that crows have been known to live for a century or more.


I have sold my business in Marlinton known as the Home Products Market, to Clyde Townsend and Raymond Bowers. I wish to express my appreciation for the patronage given me, and to express the hope that this same patronage will be given to my successors.

F. P. McLaughlin

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