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Seventy-Five Years Ago

Thursday, December 20, 1945

Our Army and Navy Boys

Julian Hunter “Jack” Philipps and Jack Anthony Filuta returned to their homes at Frank December 5, 1945, honorably discharged from the United States Navy, after more than forty months in the service. These two boys enlisted in the Navy on July 18, 1942 and went through boot training together, after which they were separated and never saw each other again until on December 2nd, they met in Bainbridge, Maryland, received their discharges and came home together.

Jesse Arden Shinaberry, of the Navy, is home on a 30-day leave. He has been in service for 2 1/2 years with 25 months’ service in the South and Central Pacific.

Berlin D. Rider, S F 3-c, of Minnehaha Springs, was one whom the “Magic Carpet” brought back to the States aboard the U. S. S. Nevada. He has now been honorably discharged from the Naval Service.

Allan Reid Davis is home from the Army with an honorable discharge. His last service was in the Pacific area.

Lieutenant Julian Hamed, of the Air Service, is at his home at Greenbank on furlough. He was in Europe many months.

Oran McLaughlin, just back from the Army, is at his old job of running a steam shovel on the state roads.

John S. Chappell, of the Untied States Marines, is at his home at Hillsboro, on leave.

Clyde D. McCoy, Technician Third Grade, with the 132nd Ordinance Company, Ninth Army, is home with an honorable discharge. He is the son of Denny McCoy, of the Levels District. Clyde served 11 months overseas. He wears three battle stars – Rhineland, Ardennes and Central Germany.

Schools Closed

Public schools at Durbin, Cass, Greenbank, Dunmore, Slaty Fork, Woodrow, Buckeye, Marlinton, and Hillsboro are closed until after New Year’s by reason of the influenza epidemic.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith, a daughter.

Archie Walker, of Hillsboro, who has been so seriously ill, is much improved.

George P. Edgar, who has been ill at his home near Hillsboro, is better.

Miss Wilda Young was home from Charleston over the weekend.

Christmas Spirit is in the air and there are so many happy faces shopping without the anxious strained look on their faces. This will indeed be a merrier Christmas than has been for several years or since the war started.

Moody Wilson was given a surprise birthday party on Monday night, December 10th, at his home. Despite the bad weather, a host of friends arrived with gifts and made merry.

Harry Shinaberry and Mrs. Jacob Job left Monday for Hardin, Montana, where Mrs. Job will join her husband who has just returned from overseas. Mrs. Job is the former Miss Helen Shinaberry, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shinaberry, of Knapps Creek.

Eugene Kelly, of Dunmore, is at the Greenbrier Valley Hospital, slowly recovering from an operation; he was hurt in the lumber woods about four months ago.


This is our brightest Christmas in a long, dark time. Every light on every tree – every window that greets night with cheerful challenge – is a shining symbol of the passing of war’s shadow.

There is radiant happiness in family gatherings this year. Men are coming home from war. And those who hear their Christmas carols under strange skies are closer, nearer to home than they have been in a great while.

For many, this will be a wistful Christmas – but a Christmas brave and strong in the knowledge that those who bought victory so dearly will make tomorrow’s world a brighter place for us all.

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