Pocahontas County has good showing at Regional Literature Fair

Suzanne Stewart
Staff Writer

More than 30 projects from Pocahontas County students were presented at the Regional Literature Fair at Glenville State University November 2. Of those, several students came home with first, second or third place awards.
Two of the projects were named Best in Show and will be displayed at the West Virginia Reading Association Conference held at The Greenbrier on November 22.

Pocahontas County winners are:

Kindergarten through second grade


Fantasy/Fairy Tale, Class: first place and Best in Show, Gina Hardesty’s second grade class, “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.”

Realistic Fiction, Class: second place, Nicole Taylor’s first grade class, “Peter’s Chair.”

Adventure, Individual: first place, Brantley Cox, “Magic Tree House: Mummies in the Morning.”

Mystery, Individual: first place, Sal Marks, “Password to Larkspur Lane.”

Historical Fiction, Pair: second place, Abigail Taylor and Kya Arbogast, “Little House in the Big Woods.”

Mystery, Pair: first place, Joshlynn Burgess and Alana Bennett, “The Terrible Topsy-Turvy, Tissy-Tossy Tangle.”

Third through fifth grade


Fantasy/Fairy Tale, Individual: first place, Allyson Taylor, “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Adventure, Pair: first place, Kegan Calhoun and Luke Taylor, “Shiloh.”

Fantasy/Fairy Tale, Pair: second place, Khloe Gainer and Shalynn Thompson, “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.”

Sixth through eighth grade


Realistic Fiction, Class: first place and Best in Show, Brooke Nottingham’s class, “Frank the Mighty.”

Adventure, Individual: first place, Garrett Nelson, “My Side of the Mountain.”

Fantasy/Fairy Tale, Individual: first place, Willie O’Ganian, “His Majesty’s Dragon.”

Historical Fiction, Individual: third place, Jacob Bickford, “Prisoner B-3087.”

Mystery, Individual: third place, Ella Johnston, “The Light Jar.”

Science Fiction, Individual: first place, Taylor Arnold, “The Witch Child.”

Historical Fiction, Pair: first place, Ramona Hardy and Kaylee Pritt, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Realistic Fiction, Pair: third place, Riley Pollack and Courtney Waugh, “Saint Anything.”

Science Fiction, Pair: third place, David Casey and Trevor Tuskan, “Dark Life.”


Biography/Autobiography, Individual: third place, Mackenzie Taylor, “Please Stop Laughing at Me.”

Informational, Individual: second place, Silas Beezley, “The Story of the Paratroops.”

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