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Circuit Court

According to Pocahontas County Circuit Clerk Connie Carr, the following hearings were held November 1 before the Honorable Judge Jennifer P. Dent:

The state withdrew its motion to revoke bond in its case against Carrie L. Hickson, 41, of Cass. Hickson was indicted by the August Grand Jury on One Count, driving under the influence of alcohol, third offense; and One Count, driving while revoked for driving under influence. A pre-trial confer- ence is set for November 20. Hickson remains on present bond.

A capias was issued for Brandon Waddell, 33, of Durbin, who failed to appear for his change of plea hearing. Waddell is charged with One Count, conspiracy to commit a felony.

Joshua Lee Kimble, 34, of Circleville, withdrew his plea as he has completed the South Branch Valley Drug Court Program. The court accepted the withdrawal and dismissed charges against Kimble with prejudice.

Amanda Katherine Bre-wer-Long, 38, and Joshua Long, 39, both of Hillsboro, reported late to their adjudication/sentencing and disposition hearing. The couple stated that they were late as they had been at Day Report for drug screening. The court asked for results, to which defense counsel advised that preliminary results were positive. The court did not proceed with sentencing. The matter is rescheduled for December 12.

The following hearings were held November 6 before the Honorable Judge Robert E. Richardson:

A status conference was held in the case the State vs Jonathan C. Shearer, 30, of Marlinton, wherein defense counsel advised the court that no progress had been made with regard to negotiations, and the matter is ready for trial. The court denied a motion for bond, and Shearer was remanded to custody. Trial is set for December 16.

The court rejected a defense motion for alternative sentencing in the case the State vs Morgan B. Mason, 21, of Hillsboro. It was noted that Mason was unable to complete a drug court program in this circuit, therefore he is not suitable for alternative sentencing. Mason was sentenced to not less than six months nor more than 24 months at Anthony Correction Center. He was give 38 days’ credit for time served. The court granted the defense’s request that Mason remain on bond with home incarceration until a bed becomes available at Anthony.

Phillip C. Dean, Jr., 46, of Marlinton, was deemed competent to stand trial with an exception. Dean was indicted on one count, attempted murder; five counts, wanton endangerment involving a firearm; and one count, person prohibited from possessing a firearm.

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