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Stress Tests at PMH

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Department is pleased to announce the availability of exercise stress tests at its Buckeye facility. Many Pocahontas County residents travel 100 miles or more out of the county to obtain their regular stress test, but with this new availability, residents have one more reason to make PMH their true medical home.

PMH is constantly looking at new services and tests we can offer locally to help better provide for our community’s needs and avoid traveling out of county or state.

This endeavor has been months in the making and will officially kick off with a specially priced “Hunters’ Special” in November. The Hunters’ Special will be available with no doctor’s order required, for a flat price of $99. No insurances will be billed.

An exercise stress test is primarily used to help your doctor determine if your heart receives enough oxygen and proper blood flow when it needs it most, such as when you are doing physical labor or exercising. An exercise stress test may be used to help determine your level of health, especially if you are starting a new exercise program or a vigorous new activity such as a hunting trip. This allows you and your doctor to learn what level of exercise you can safely handle.

If you are a smoker over 40 years old, or if you have other risk factors for heart disease, you should talk to your doctor to see if an exercise stress test is a good idea for you.

To schedule an appointment, call PMH’s Cardiopulmonary Department at 304-799-1052 and indicate that you are interested in an exercise stress test. If you have to leave a message, give your name and contact number with the best time to call. Our department will contact you to schedule your test. We are currently scheduling for November 12 and 19.

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