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PMH HealthBeat

Update on Testing Available

As the number of positive COVID-19 test results increase in the community, Pocahontas Memorial Hospital has seen an increase in demand for COVID diagnostic tests, as well as inquiries about rapid response tests. PMH currently performs COVID testing, but the test samples are sent to an outside laboratory (LabCorp) for analyzing, with results returning anywhere from 24-to-72 hours.

PMH currently does not offer a rapid response test.

PMH is closely monitoring the validity and accuracy of various rapid tests that are on the market before providing its own rapid test to ensure that patients are being provided the most reliable testing services possible.

PMH urges the community to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and practice good hand hygiene. In April, PMH began requiring all patients and staff entering the hospital to wear a face mask. In addition, a No Visitor policy is still being enforced.

These policies are reviewed monthly and will continue as long as deemed necessary.

Pocahontas Memorial Hospital continues to ask people who suspect they have COVID-19 to call ahead to be screened and schedule testing at 304-799-7400.

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