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Thursday, July 16, 1970
Pioneer Days

Many people think Saturday’s crowd was the biggest ever in Marlinton.

Whether a record or not, it was a big crowd. We understand an out-of-county policeman estimated nine thousand. The streets looked festive, store window exhibits were excellent, lots of interesting activities and everybody entered into the work and fun…
Miss Pocahontas

Kathy Moyers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Moyers, of Bartow, was named Miss Pocahontas at the Pageant held in Hillsboro last Thursday evening in connection with the annual Pioneer Days Celebration.

The successful candidate, sponsored by the Durbin Lions Club, was selected from among the sixteen entries from throughout Pocahontas County.

First runner-up was Rebecca Jane Chestnut, of Dunmore, with the second runner-up selection going to Sherry Jean Sharp, of Marlinton.
Horse Pulling Contest

First Place Team – Hank Hensley, Penn Laird, Virginia

Second – Randy Wanderly, Grottoes, Virginia

Third – Theodore Workman, Pickaway

Seven teams entered.

Rifle Shooting

Joel Callison, of Beard, won first place in the muzzle loading rifle contest with a shot almost directly in the center.

Keith Casteel, of Mountain Lake, Maryland, won second, not far off of Callsion’s mark.

Third prize went to James A. King, of Maxwelton.

Joel was the winner of the first Pioneer Day rifle contest in 1967. He is back home from Vietnam and two years in the Army, and he shot for the first time with a rifle made partly by the late Arden Friel and finished by a gunsmith in Morgantown.

Kyle Neighbors, of Cass, furnished guns and handled this contest.
Spelling Match

The oldsters backed off and let the youngsters have the spelling match. Mrs. Bee Gladwell says she will know better how to organize it next year. First place went to Annie Koph, of Dayton, Ohio, who is the daughter of Nancy Currence Kopf; second place went to Sandra Woods; and third place went to Price Barlow.
Modern Music

First Place – Harley Carpenter’s Boys

Second – Steve, John and Edward Sheely
Mountain Music

Dulcimer and French Harp

First Place – W. M. Akers

Second – P. L. Hamer

Banjo, clawhammer

First Place – Woody Simmons

Second – Dwight Diller


First Place – Maggie Hammons Parker

Second – Jeanie Kellison


First Place – Woody Simmons

Second – Berl Hammons
Other Winners

Mrs. Virginia Dunbrack, who works in the H-P Store, received the prize for the most authentically dressed clerk.

– – –

Lacy Alderman, of Spokane, Washington, traveled the longest distance (3,185 miles) to Pioneer Days.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Beverage, of Charleston, a son, named Stephen Wesley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Player, of Wilmington, North Carolina, a daughter, named Pamela Jeannette.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wymer, of Pratt, a son, named Robert Ernest.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Delbert Defibaugh, of Cass, a son.


Mrs. Lura Moore Brill, 80, of Marlinton; born at Mill Point, a daughter of the late John Samuel and Mary E. McNeil Moore. Mrs. Brill was the owner of Peoples Store and Supply and Brill’s Servicenter in Marlinton, and a member of the Marlinton United Methodist Church. Burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Lynette Kathleen Reed, 65; born at Huntersville, a daughter of the late James A. and Elva Agnes Friel Reed. Burial at Huntersville.

Mrs. Georgia A. North, 84, of Marlinton; burial in the Droop Cemetery.

Mrs. Molly Williams Johnson, 89, of Fairview, a daughter of the late Dr. Richard and Hannah Sharp Williams. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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