Mayor’s Corner

To begin this week’s Mayor’s Corner, I must first correct my misrepresentation from last week.
The report came to me regarding installation of the new fire hydrant as being five inches too short. I realized later, my statement was misleading. Even though it was shorter, the hydrant was installed to the manufacturers “grade-level” marker. So, I want to clarify the end result of installation was within an acceptable range. Also, the STOP-sign was set back and all is good. Thanks to the crew for completing this important job and for bringing the correction to my attention.
I am pleased to hear the beautification committee Christmas lighting plan has been well received by almost everyone. We have received many positive comments about the Christmas lights. Thanks really go to the employees for their work in getting lights up in time for Friday’s Christmas Parade. This is a two-day process that often takes five to seven days. Because, as lighting is underway, the maintenance crew has numerous starts and stops, as other work orders come in and must be handled first. I know it is not easy to get this extra work accomplished while doing the real work that is required, but, I appreciate it.
Also, Star, Linda and Dave are to be commended for doing a wonderful job preparing and arranging the Town’s first Open House, which was held December 2.
FYI: they did the work and it looked like it had been catered by The Greenbrier.
I hope it was the first of what may be an Annual Municipal Event for our community and employees. Also, thanks are in order for a cooperating council that sees the benefit of community and supported this opportunity to give back.
On a final note, The HRDF, Inc has been in town this past week cleaning flood debris along Marlin Run, and they intend to work along Knapps Creek in the vicinity of Pocahontas Center this week. The work is being managed by John Casto, Crew Foreman.

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