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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

It was my pleasure to attend the annual Marlinton Woman’s Club’s Community Christmas Dinner last Thursday at the Opera House. As the volunteers and various clubs and organizations were introduced and their numerous programs were highlighted, I realized all over again how very important each one is to our county as a whole and to our communities, specifically. The services these groups provide for each of us cannot be overstated. Each volunteer gives of their time and talents on our behalf. These individuals are to be commended.

The troubling part is, and I believe most would agree, the volunteers in our day are becoming fewer and farther between. Regardless of the club, organization or even our churches, fewer and fewer people find that they are depended upon for more and more.

Part of this problem is easy to figure out. We are few in number. Beginning with our state and extending to our county, and our communities. In addition, resources are limited.  People and assets are stretched. It only makes sense that we can accomplish more by pooling our resources. At some point in the new year, I would like for each of these groups to meet again for discussion and planning for the next three-to-five years.

Meanwhile, I would encourage each civic group and organization to communicate with one-another,  compare calendars and projects. See if there are areas where people and resources can be pooled to accomplish certain tasks.

Also, I want to congratulate the winners and all who participated in the Annual Christmas Parade last Friday night. The town office Open House and the parade were both tremendously successful.
Thanks to all.

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