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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

January closed with a rare lunar trifecta.

February opened with a memory of an American tragedy – 15 years ago, the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart, leaving pieces of debris scattered over Texas. The seven crew members perished, just 16 minutes into the mission.

These rarities and tragedies lend prospective to the work of the Mayor’s office.

Too often, common courtesy and consideration for others are the rarities. Seeing a large segment of our society go down this road, refusing to take personal responsibility for their actions and believing their problem is everyone else’s problem, is the tragedy of our day.

Sadly, many of the ridiculous examples I have shared in recent articles are not rare at all. I find they are very common in most town offices. Our local issues are not unique. Most municipalities are dealing with similar problems – many on a larger scale.

Hopefully, snow will not be an issue by the time you read this.

Please understand, there is no perfect way to plow snow. Yes – the old Ford lot is private property. Private property that is commonly used for parking by the public and more than one local business. If it has not been plowed, when the Town starts plowing snow, we plow it, as well. It provides alternative parking off the street. Also, it provides space for other residents to move to, while we are cleaning their parking spaces. Conditions change from one snow event to the next. Please remember, if a vehicle is in a spot when the plow goes by, it may be hours before the plow comes by again.

Plowing snow to everyone’s approval is a rarity. If everyone was satisfied, it would be a lunar trifecta, by comparison.

If your car is not moved before the snow-plow passes by, your vehicle could be blocked in. That is not a tragedy.

If there is an emergency, call the Town office, and we will assist as soon as reasonably possible.

The Town clears the avenues and streets first, alleys next, and works on parking spaces later or as able.

FYI: Electric was up more than $1,000 at water plant due to extra pumping in cold weather.

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