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Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Small Town Living

It’s that time of year again. 

The Thanksgiving holiday with family get-togethers and feasting has given way to the season of Advent and the celebration of Christmas.

The Christmas Parade last Friday evening was great. The collective support of schools, churches, businesses and organizations was wonderful. What a special event for our community. It is encouraging to see the end result of people coming together to make things happen. The parade represents what small town living is all about.

Speaking of small town living, I have a story: Last Thursday, Nicki, Ed and Joyce McLaughlin and Sandy Parsons planned to meet at the church to do Christmas decorating.

Nicki asked me to pick up lunch and meet them there about noon. So, I ordered 10 hotdogs at Rayetta’s and went to pick them up. When I arrived they were busy. While in line, I exchanged greetings with at least five friends who were also waiting in line. When my bag of 10 hotdogs were put on the counter, another friend said, “Having a contest are we?”

Following lunch at the church, I was dispatched to the dollar store to pick up light bulbs. As I started back through the store Missy was stocking shelves. I asked her where I could find the light bulbs. (Note: I have gone through this story to document the priceless reaction).  Without hesitation she asked me, “Did you get the hotdogs?”
Only in a small town!

What does any of this have to do with The Mayors Corner?


It reminds those of us who live here, just why it is, we live here.

Also, it reminds me why so many people work so hard, in the hopes of making things better for those who will come after us.
These seemingly, insignificant events are what makes small town living unique.

In fact, small town living is just like my story – you just have to be here to understand.

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