Marlinton Mayor’s Corner

Good news. The work at Discovery Junction is closing in on a completion date of May 30. 

The not-so-good news is funds are running low. Seeing a cash-crunch coming, the committee had already scaled back on certain features, such as interpretive walkways.

The problem: Fund-raising activities planned for the spring have been canceled.

The coronavirus situation has stopped typical fund-raising activity.

For instance, we had planned on visitors coming to the Great Greenbrier River Race at the end of April, and that event has been canceled.

Snowshoe closed earlier than normal and many in our area are already laid off from work.

The committee believes it is not the time for typical fundraising.

So, any volunteer donations to the project will be greatly appreciated, as we remain approximately $28,000 short on the proposed Splash Pad.

At least two grant applications are pending, but until we receive confirmation, we don’t know about their outcome. The clock is ticking.  Easily, a couple of generous donations could change the picture.

The coronavirus is more than a major virus affecting the health of people around the world. It has turned into corona-everything, affecting the systems of the world and local projects, as well.

The major economic crisis will have lasting effects for years to come.

On another note, dogs running loose in town are still a problem.

A neighbor was attacked by dogs on Ninth Street last weekend. Owners must take responsibility or expect to be fined accordingly.

We have leash laws for a reason. Residents should not have to fear taking a walk around the block.

In closing, the community settled 271 years ago, now known as Marlinton, was incorporated April 1, 1900. I believe I am safe in saying Monday evening’s Town Council meeting was the first in 120 years to be held by teleconference.

Let’s hope it will be the last.

So, we pray and trust and press-on.

Stay well, keep your distance and wash your hands.

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