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Marlinon Mayor’s Corner

Freezing weather continues

The boil-water advisory for water customers in the Brownsburg/Brush Country area, was the result of four frozen air-relief valves in the system. When water pressure is compromised, the advisory is a precautionary measure.

Single digit and below zero temperatures make everything harder. But, we need to remember these temperatures are normal for this time of year. The last couple of warmer winters have not been normal. Colder temps, wind chill, and little snow cover allows the freeze to push further into the ground.

We have been in our house more than 30 years and this was only the second time, we had a particular drain to freeze.

Before the next dip in temperatures, take precautions to prevent water lines from freezing. Close cracks in doors, windows and vents in foundations. Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm air to circulate around the plumbing.

Running or dripping water can help prevent water lines from freezing.

More importantly, don’t forget to keep check on your neighbors.

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