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Letters to the Editor

Sharing a letter received by PCHS principal Joe Riley, about Coach Tim McClung:


My name is Jacob Hoback, and I am a basketball official for the Ohio High School Athletic Association. This past weekend, I officiated Pocahontas County High School for a few games.

I just wanted to let you know that the coach there was the nicest and best coach that I’ve ever officiated for. This past week with all of the shootouts, I’ve officiated 111 games… Your coach was always in-check and had a great attitude.

Now, there were times when he had complaints about calls. However, it was always a question (not a statement) preceded by “Mr. Official…” I will miss calls, and there’s nobody that feels worse about blowing a call on the court than I do, but he was always understanding of my perspective. 

I hope that you keep him for a long time… I was very touched by his actions. Nowadays, there is so much drama with high school sports and a lot of bad examples for the kids, but he is a fantastic example of what a coach should act like. I sincerely wish there were more like him.

I’d never heard of Pocahontas County High School, so that was my first impression. Whenever I hear that school mentioned now, I will always think of how well-mannered and respectful that basketball team is.

Have a great week.


Dear Editor:

I guess I’m a “Yeah, but” because I want a water plant that we can all afford.

“Yeah, but” the Mayor was asked to hold a public meeting with the engineers and Region 4 in the evening to address the resident’s concerns about the cost of the new water plant, which he decided not to do.

“Yeah, but” the Mayor has decided to debate this project through the newspaper with alternative facts.

Yes, we did inherit this project from the previous council, “Yeah, but” they knew we could not afford $7 million so they scaled it down to a $4.2 million project.

The project is now $6.6 million with no new pipes in the streets and no fire hydrant repairs.

We received a $1.5-million grant “Yeah, but” it was based on the $4.2 million estimate which would have been a loan of $3 million. “Yeah, but” we are now up to a $5 million loan which is a 40 percent increase to the existing customers.

It is only a 40-year loan at only one percent interest “Yeah, but” it will raise the minimum bill over $20 and higher for families and businesses.

We all need clean water “Yeah, but” we can only afford a Chevy not a Cadillac. The plant is only 36 years old.

“Yeah, but” we make four million gallons a month but lose two million because of the leaking pipes in the streets.

“Yeah, but” we are in the top third highest water rates (341) in the state and will be the 365 of 368 after the increase no matter what the mayor says.

Some council members stated that’s only a few packs of cigarettes or a 12 pack of beer “Yeah, but” it could also mean not being able to afford prescriptions or food or electric.

“Yeah, but” the current customers are already paying for the Edray/Brush Country expansion debacle which the town still owes $3.9 million for 20 more years. That’s $13,000 a month to the existing customers.

The current mayor was one of the council members that voted to expand to Edray/Brush Country “Yeah, but” he is also trying to take over the hospital’s water/sewer plants which, if they need repairs in the future, all the town residents will have to pay for, not the hospital.

Please tell your Town Council persons to: 1) Wait until we get a minimum of $2 million more in grants or 2) Scale the project back to $4 million. 3) Possibly build the plant out of the flood plain. 4) Read the meters and bill every month so people can budget easier.
So, I guess I’m a “Yeah, but,” but we all should be!

Jamie Strauss

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