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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor;

I want to thank you and your staff for the time you took to help me last week.

I inquired about searching old editions of your paper. I thought I would have to drive to Marlinton or possibly Charleston. Instead, 15 minutes later I had the information in my hand. I hope Pocahontas realizes how fortunate they are to have so much historical data available.

Franklin burned in 1924 and we do not have access (within the county) to our paper prior to 1924. We also have no searchable options for any years of our paper.

Not only is Pocahontas fortunate to have your back issues searchable, but to have an Editor who clearly cares about the history of Pocahontas County and in helping others.

While I am writing to thank you, I would also like to share with you what Pendleton is attempting to do. Our Historical Society recently completed a project documenting our WWI soldiers. We noticed three of our 17 boys who died were left off West Virginia’s WWI Memorial Wall, and we are trying to correct this. When we inquired, we were told it was because they died after November 11.

One boy died November 15 after being wounded in battle.

Another boy was born in Circleville, but moved to Arbovale and was drafted there. His name is Jesse Leon Judy (13 April 1897 – 17 February 1919) and his parents were Martin and Tallahasse Johnston Judy.

Jesse’s sister, Louise, married Maynard Myers from Lemoyne, Pennsylvania. His brother, James W. Judy, married Ella Mae Puffenbarger and lived in Ohio. His sister, Mable Claire, married Paul Wilmoth and lived in Pocahontas County. His sister, Nina Evelyn, married William Richard Simmons and then Charles Propst. His sister, Nellie Irene, married Harold Dake. His sister, Martha, married Michael Caniglia and his sister, Ella Ruth, married Arlie Carpentar.

One of the things I was hoping to find in your paper was a picture of Jesse, but was not successful.

Jesse’s siblings were included in case you know of him through them. If anyone would happen to have a picture of Jesse or know of someone who might, we would appreciate you contacting us. We have pictures of the other two boys and hope we can find one of Jesse.

Pocahontas and Pendleton share another WWI soldier, William “Orbry” Lambert. His name is on the memorial wall, but his biography is not in the West Virginia Veterans database. We have requested that a biography be included for him and have offered our assistance.

Again, thanks so much for being so helpful in our search for information on Jesse and Orbry.

Brenna Mitchell
Sugar Grove

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