Thursday, December 11, 1969

What Does It Mean to Us?
Sherman Markley, Pastor
Minnehaha Springs Methodist Church

A new Christmas Season is upon us and most of our hearts are filled with joy at the prospect of seeing loved ones who have been away for a long time, or the feeling of satisfaction that comes from the sharing and exchange of tokens of our love for each other.

We would like to push the world of strife and pain into the background if possible and live for a little while as God intended man to live – in peace, love and harmony. If we could make this feeling last throughout the year, how wonderful it would be…

In a world of strife and war, amid some of the worst religious prejudices in a nation among the Pharisees and Sadducees of Israel, the national prejudices toward other people who worship in a different way or place; in a country in bondage to the Roman Conqueror, in one of the smallest of the provinces of that nation, in one of the smaller cities, in about the lowliest places imaginable, to a poor carpenter’s family was born a man child, sent from God to be the example for us to follow…

He has shown us by example that love is the most important thing in life. A life without love for and the love of our fellowman would be very dull indeed.

Hate, greed and envy cause ill will, grief, destruction and wars.

Love, concern and compassion bring companionship, joy, constructive action and peace.

How long is it going to take men to learn that the only hope for enduring peace must come from love.

About four nations in the world now have the means to destroy us all as civilized human beings or even all of life in its entirety.

Hate has its finger on the trigger, greed is goading him on. Love can destroy them both.

How can man be smart enough to conquer the land with automobile and train, the sea with ships and submarines, the air with planes, and even space with the spacecraft that has allowed him to walk on the moon, and still not realize that we have to learn to live together as brothers in God-given love or we are rushing headlong to our doom.

Until we learn to live together without regard to nationality, race or creed, there can be no real peace in the world.

The Christmas spirit cannot and must not be confined to a certain day or a certain season but must live in the hearts of men throughout the year. Only then can there be “Peace on earth to men of good will.”

Our Boys and Girls in Service

Specialist Five Solomon S. Workman, 21, received the Army Commendation Medal while serving with the 36th Engineer Battalion near Vinh Long, Vietnam. Specialist 5 Workman earned the award for meritorious service as a survey crew chief in the battalion’s Headquarters Company… The specialist entered the Army in March 1968, and arrived in Vietnam in October 1968.


Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Anderson, of Marlinton, are announcing the engagement of their daughter, Nancy, to James Allman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allman, of Elkins.


Mr. and Mrs. Shad McLaughlin request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter, Sally Royce McLaughlin, to Kenneth Karl Nottingham, in the Marlinton Presbyterian Church at two o’clock in the afternoon of Sunday, December 28, 1969, and the reception following the ceremony.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Riley, of Arbovale, a son, named Stephen Lee.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse James Lane, of Cass, a daughter, named Frances Kay.

Born to Dr. and Mrs. John Calvin Sharp, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, a son, named Eric Hunter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie E. Ingram, of Sissonville, a son, named James Trevor. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Friel, of Marlinton.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Bostic, of Seebert, a son, named Glenn Dale Bostic, Jr.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Pritt, of York, Pennsylvania, a daughter, named Heather Denice. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Rose and Mr. and Mrs. Andy Pritt, all of Hillsboro.


Mrs. Susie Taylor Doyle, 62, a native and former resident of Green Bank, a daughter of the late George W. and Amanda Kelley Taylor. Burial in Arbovale.

Pete Hugh Jacobs, 66, of Beard, a son of the late J. E. and Margaret S. Jacobs. Burial in the Old Droop Cemetery on Locust Creek.

Mrs. Mattie E. Fowler, 77, of Marlinton, a daughter of the late Preston and Chrissie Miles Pritt. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

Robert B. Moore, 70, of Marlinton; born in Oregon a son of the late William Nelson and Elsie Blanco Moore. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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