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I Remember…

The Friendship Tree

I recently heard something on TV that made an impression on me.

I cannot quote it word for word, but I will share my interpretation.

Friendships are like a tree.

The leaves are beautiful, but change with the seasons. Too soon they die and fade, or are blown away by a strong wind.

We have all heard the phrase, “Fair weather friends.”

They pass through our lives with faint remembrance.

Then there are friendships like the branches of a tree – sturdier, but some more leaner than others.

Some stand with us during storms in our life, while others break from the heavy weight. We appreciate them for standing with us, yet it hurts when the branches break away and leave our life.

Then there are the roots of the tree.

Friendships that grow deeper and stronger – unlike the beautiful leaves of varying strength of the branches.

Friendships, like roots that grow deeper over time. They are there to support us regardless of the storm.

If we are fortunate, our friendships are like the roots of the tree.

All have a place in our life and a meaning for the time.

Enjoy each in their season, yet, do not forget the roots are always there for you.

My mother would say, “if you have one true friend, count yourself fortunate.”

I’m indeed blessed to have more than one, and I’m glad my roots are planted in Pocahontas County.

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