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I Remember…

The Marlinton/Edray Senior Center celebrated Halloween a bit early this year, with a party October 27.

Transportation was provided for those who are no longer able to drive.

Several grandchildren also attended.

The young and the older had a good time together.

Several seniors and all the children had fun dressing for the occasion.

We enjoyed hot dogs with all the trimmings, chips and dip and a variety of delicious desserts. The cook put in extra hours to be sure we had an enjoyable meal.

BINGO and storytelling added to the entertainment of the day.

I won first place with my story, “An Old Forgotten Graveyard in Alaska.”

Setting the scene:

In the wilds of Alaska, in the darkness of night, bone- chilling cold, heavy rain and fog coming in from the Bering Sea below.

Fog swirling about us – in and out…

Camping in the wilds of Alaska one cold, rainy night, we heard a voice say, “Come, come.”

We left our shelter and the warmth of the campfire. Down a narrow dirt road we ventured.

“Come, come,” we heard again.

At the end of the narrow road, we found our destination – an old, forgotten graveyard.

Weeds grew tall. Aged trees bent with time and wind.

Tombstones that once proudly stood to honor dead Eskimo fisherman, now, broken, leaning haphazardly.

Names lost with time.

We stood there with the rain pouring, fog engulfing us and then swirling about.

The waves crashed on the rocks below.

There, we felt the presence of spirits from long ago.

They came up from the graves, one after another.

We heard their whispers in the quietness as waves rolled back out to the sea.

“You came,” we heard, “We are no longer forgotten.”

Were we frightened?


We stood in awe. We felt a beautiful spiritual connection – an experience I will never forget.

During other visits to Alaska, we searched for the narrow road, and the old graveyard.

We searched – but we never again found it.

This is not a tale from my imagination.

It is a true story.

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