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December 3, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


Deer Season

So far both the hunting pressure and the deer kill appear to be light. Monday morning brought a slight half-inch of snow in town and up to six inches in some places, with the wind blowing and temperatures dropping throughout the day to close to zero by Tuesday morning.

We were unable to get a complete check Tuesday night but five stations had checked 88 in two days so the count will be over 100 for Monday and Tuesday.

A report was heard, but no actual facts, that a 13 point buck was killed in the northern part of the county. Among others, the best kills reported were:

Lou H. Jones, of Leivasy, a 12 pointer on Laurel Creek.

Sonny Shaw, a 10 point, 200 pound buck on Black Mountain.

Jack D. Sycamore, of Clay, a 10 point buck on Frank Mountain.

Fred Fromhart reports an interesting item of hunting in Seneca State Forest. Charles Oder, of Hamilton, Ohio, killed a nice nine-point buck with a muzzleloader, 50 caliber rifle on Monday. Mr. Fromhart knows of no other like instance at Seneca.



Origen Underwood is sitting in his hospital room with both arms in casts, recuperating from a tangle with tractor belts.

At his home on Beaver Creek last spring, he had about 15 turkeys that were only a few days old. One morning a bobwhite showed up to feed with them. He stayed 3 or 4 days then moved down the road to this son’s, stayed there a few days, then back. After a few such moves, he settled down in the elder Underwood’s turkey block and has stayed there ever since. He says it is right comical to see this tiny bird among the now big turkeys; neither pays the least bit of attention to the other. He is not sure where his bobwhite spends the night but each morning he is with the flock.


All-State Team

David McLaughlin, Marlinton High School senior, was named to the Gazette-Mail’s All-State football team. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Shad McLaughlin, he was center on this year’s unbeaten team.

Roger VanReenen was named to the second team and Ronnie Roy to the third team. Bobby Beverage made honorable mention. Others given honorable mention were:

Hillsboro – Lawrence Workman, George Gladwell and Ronald Bruffey.

Green Bank – David Hamed, James Hill, Raymond Nicholas and Donald Vannoy.


Four-H News

The Loyal-Four 4-H club met at the home of Mr. Ethel Stewart on November 18. Our Extension Agent, Eugene Mitchell, was present. He was also present October 21 to reorganize the club.

The following new officers were elected: President – Deborah Boggs; Vice President – Leal Boggs; Reporter – Norma Evans; Secretary – Mildred Boggs; Treasurer – Ronnie Evans; Game Leader – Eugenia Boggs; Song Leader – Linda Jordan.

The club leaders are: Mrs. Ethel Stewart (the main one), Mrs. Ruth Boggs, Mrs. Mary Evans and Mrs. Jane Boggs.

Norma Evans, Reporter



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kinder, of South Charleston, a daughter, Lisa Lynette.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Noel S. Wheeler, of Youngstown, Ohio, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gary McPherson, of Lexington, Virginia, a daughter, Melissa Jeanne.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Duane Sharp, of Marlinton, a son, named Duane Heirn, Jr.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Galford, of Bartow, a daughter, named Bobbie Jean.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Maddy, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Karen Marie.



Mrs. Lucy E. Sharp Sheets, 88, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Richard Gibson, near Frost. Widow of Samuel Sheets, the daughter of Henry and Caroline Curry Sharp. Burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.

Roger Patrick and Carl Edward, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Wyatt, of Newport News, Virginia; grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Wyatt. Burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.

Mrs. Nettie Florence Kinnison, 80, of Hillsboro. Burial in the Emmanuel Methodist Church cemetery on Bruffey’s Creek.

Paul Edward Workman, 19, of Craigsville, formerly of Marlinton, Killed in a one-car accident; son of Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Workman; burial in the Workman family cemetery near the Workman’s Creek Methodist Church in Raleigh County.

Charles Issac McCollam, 63, of Elkins; born at Marlinton, a son of the late Isaac Fletcher and Nannie Mary Gay McCollam; burial in the Mill Creek Cemetery.

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