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November 26, 1964

From the desk of

Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


The pleasant Indian Summer brought forth some forsythia bushes into almost full bloom and a new crop of dandelions. But a change was bound to come and the snow began to fly last Wednesday evening on higher elevations and continued some through Thursday and Friday. Sunday and Monday mornings, the thermometer read 10 above zero with some ice on the river. Four above was reported on Beaver Creek.

Mrs. Katie Tyree, of Buckeye, brought in a few peanuts on the vine she had raised this summer. I had seen peanuts growing before, but did not know they would grow here. She had a little patch, raising about 2 gallons of nuts. The nuts grow under ground, little tentacles reaching out and burying themselves in the dirt to produce the nut.



Mrs. Lloyd Waugh gave us a call last Thursday that a flock of gulls was in the field above her home, so off we went to see them. At least 35 of them, beautifully marked with blue mantles and black wing tips, were gathered together in the field. They didn’t fly while we were there but Mrs. Waugh (she hadn’t gotten any work done for watching them all morning) said they had flown several times from one field to the other. Early in the morning they were lined up on the banks of Cummings Creek.

These gulls had the most distinct and prettiest blue coloring we had ever seen. The best we could tell from the book is that they are Herring Gulls. Gulls are usually driven here by storms. As a youngster living near the river, Mrs. Waugh said when the gulls came, her father always said to get extra wood for the coming storm.


Site Work Started

Preliminary site preparation work was started Monday for the Cranberry Glades Visitors Center with the actual building construction scheduled to begin around May 1, 1965.

Crews of the Forest Service, U. S. D. A., will clear and grade the building site, parking area and entrance road. Bids are also being solicited for the drilling of a well and negotiations are under way with the Monongahela Power Company for supplying power to the site.

Commencement of the site marks a milestone in Senator Robert Byrd’s efforts over the past two years to secure this $100,000 Center.



The parents, in appreciation of the successful season of the football team, honored them with a spaghetti dinner on Friday, November 20, in the Huntersville Church basement.


Grandmother Contest

Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin, of Huntersville, has been notified by Lido Corporation, of New York City, that she has won out in a contest over all grandmothers as to the number of grandchildren. Mrs. McLaughlin had 75 at the time she replied in the contest and since then has three more. The company will send toys for the grandchildren. Mrs. McLaughlin had 13 children, 11 of whom are still living; they are scattered from Florida to Indiana.


50th Wedding


Mr. and Mrs. Denny Mount Callison, who were married October 30, 1914, at Sunlight, were honored on their fiftieth wedding anniversary on Sunday, November 1, 1964, with an open house, held at their home at Beard.

Over 150 relatives and friends from Pocahontas, Greenbrier and Monroe counties called during the afternoon…

Their children, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. (Virginia) Campbell and Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Callison and grandchildren, Joel, Carolyn and Jane, were present.

Of those who attended their wedding fifty years ago, Mrs. Mattie Phipps, Williamsburg, Mrs. Howard Fulks, of Alderson, and Miss Kittie Sammons, of Beard, attended the open house…

During the afternoon the Callisons received long distance calls from their other children, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Callison, of San Pedro, California, and Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer Callison, of Tucson, Arizona, and a niece, Miss Patsy Callison, of Cincinnati, Ohio.




Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dale McKenney, of Slaty Fork, a daughter named Joyce Anne.



Mrs. Bessie McElwain Dilley, 68, of Annapolis, Maryland, formerly of Marlinton; born in Webster County, a daugher of the late Nathan and Alice Cochran McElwain. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Effie Nancy Hannah Baughman, 85, of Mingo, formerly of Marlinton; born at Slatyfork, a daughter of the late Sheldon and Martha Moore Hannah. Burial in the Hannah Cemetery near Marlinton.

Delbert Gordon Clemmons, 60, of Maxwelton; a farmer and lifelong resident of Greenbrier County.



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