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Thursday, September 24, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp



Ilean Walton, who checks the Greenbrier River gauge at Buckeye for the Department of Commerce said the flow was down to 1.50 last Thursday, before the good gentle rain on Saturday. This is the lowest she has recorded since she started checking in 1951. Friday it was up to 1.53. She recorded .23 inches of rain on the 12th and just a trace on Friday, the 18th, with .88 on Saturday. The temperature was 93 on the 9th and 32 on the 15th.

Knapps Creek was as low as Mayor Guy Faulknier remembers seeing it. Electric motors were in use as there was not enough water to run the wheel. Campbelltown had been without water for about two weeks, having to haul from a few wells in the area and the creek.


Big Tree

Since the hunt for the State’s biggest tree last year during the centennial, Ollie Tacy, of Cass, has been talking about a big oak on the mountain above Cass. Last Sunday he got up there to measure it but failed to remember where the official measurements were taken. It measures 26 and one half feet around the bottom, about 3 inches from the ground, making the diameter a little better than 8 and one third feet. This was measured too low but Mr. Tacy says the tree is smooth and well shaped, no bulges, and measures pretty straight up and down. It is a red oak, 80 to 90 feet tall, and is up Leatherbark Creek, about a mile off the second switchback.



Marlinton High School has started the year at full steam. The atmosphere is filled with high spirits and determinations to do our best.

The Copperheads have won their first 3 games and are hoping for another victory this Friday night at White Sulphur.

The students and faculty of M.H.S. were happy to have as their guests the seniors from Green Bank and Hillsboro High Schools. The occasion was the College Day program for the seniors of Pocahontas County. Eleven colleges were represented. This program is very helpful to students planning to enter college. Five new A.D.D.s have been chosen from the Sophomore Class. They are Pam Dilley, Cindy Faulknier, Kay Landis, Eileen Kelley and Lura June McElwee. Fern Kennedy was chosen from the Junior Class to replace Dana Fuhrman who moved.



Mrs. Viola Clark, noted TV gospel singer, and her group will appear in Concert Sunday, October 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Macedonia Baptist Church in Brownsburg. The program is sponsored by the Church.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert robertson, of Hot Springs, Virginia, a daughter, named Robin Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bishop, of Renick, a daughter,named Diana Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. alonzo Dean, Jr., of Huntersville, a son.



George Fountain Alderman, 93, of Huntersville; funeral at Cummings Creek Methodist Church


Mrs. Minnie Elizabeth Perry, of Dunmore; a daughter of William and Susan Lindsey Friel; burial in the Clawson Cemetery.


Oliver Wiley, 88, of Droop Mountain; a retired lumberman; he had lived on Droop Mountain for 60 years. burial in the Sunrise Cemetery at Jacox.


William M. Adkinson, 44, of Marlinton; a son of Charles Adkinson; burial in the Cloonan Cemetery.


Charlie Carpenter, about 62, a barber in Marlinton for the past two years. He had never married but is survived by one sister and several brothers.


John Kenna Blake, 82,of Renick; a retired farmer, and a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Blake. Burial in the Alice Chapel Methodist Church near Renick.


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