Thursday, September 24, 1914



Corn cutting is in order.

A party of hunters from Clarksburg were camped a day or two in this section last week.

Quite a number of cattle are passing through this section to the railroad.

Edward Freeman took a load of fine potatoes to Thornwood Saturday. They have a good crop of potatoes, eleven of them weighed thirteen pounds.



Hillsboro High School opened on Monday, September 14, with an enrollment of forty-four. The following pupils are enrolled.

Hillsboro – Alvin Burr, Glenn Clark, Dennis Darnell, Marshall Fuller, Henry Kelley, Bascom Kirk, Ira Lowance, Guy Overholt, Lynn Overholt, Moffett Tolley, Lawrence Warren, Hubert Kidd, Eva Beard, Hallie Burr, Fay Darnell, Edith Harper, Miriam Hill, Nora Kidd, Inez Lowance, Polly Sydenstricker Eva Tolley.

Lobelia – Carl Bruffey, Dice Grimes, Ulric Grimes, Walter Williams, Bradford Grimes, Nellie Kinnison, Orleana Vaughan.

Buckeye – Ralph Buckley.

Millpoint – William Cackley, Sherman Moore, Leonard Auldridge, Ruth Kline.

Denmar – Earl Frounfellser, Ross Hufford.

Sunlight – Charles Marshall, Cornelia Marshall.

Jacox – Neff Morrison; Boyer, Julian Nottingham; Stony Bottom, Albert VanReenan; Minnehaha, Ernest White; Seebert, Bessie Clarkston, Grace Gladwell; Maxwelton, Quay McLau-ghlin.

The Browning Literary Society will have its first session on Friday. An afternoon program has been prepared.



To the Pocahontas teachers: The writer hereby sends one of the last requests he may ever have an opportunity to make. Please have your pupils memorize these lines for they will be so helpful in remembering the names of the signers of the Declaration of American Independence whereby they pledged “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” in behalf of our national liberty. Were it not for this Declaration your pupils could not be living in the “Land of the free, and the home of the brave.” These lines from an old Scrap Book were sent to the Baltimore Sun by Mr. J. Loney. W.T.P.



The Massachusetts delegation

That signed our glorious Declaration

Were Hancock, Geary, Robert Payne.

The great John Adams, and again,

Another Adams, Samuel by name.


New Hampshire called the “Granite State,”

Sent Whipple, Bartlett, Thornton great

Alike in counsel and debate.


Rhode Island’s delegates we see

Were Stevens, Hopkins and Ellery.


Connecticut, excelled by none,

Sent Rodger Sherman, her noblest son,

With Walcott Williams and Huntington.


New York as delegates employed

Lewis, Morris and William Floyd,

With Francis, Lewis and Livingston

Who died before the war was done.


New Jersey to the Congress sent

Her honored college president,

John Witherspoon, with Stockton, Clark,

Hart Hopkinson – all men of mark.


Though Pennsylvania need not blush

for Morris, Morton, Wilson, Rush,

And though most men might seem as dross,

To Clymer, Taylor, Smith and Ross,

To Franklin each his tribute brings

Who neither lightning feared nor kings.


The men from Delaware, indded,

As true as steel in utmost need,

Were Rodney with McKean and Read.


“My Maryland” is proud to own

Her Carroll, Paca, Chase and Stone


On old Virginia’s roll we see

The gifted Richard Henry Lee;

And just as earnest to be free,

Is brother Fancis Lightfoot Lee;

And Wythe and Nelson, patriots true

With Harrison and Braxton, too,

But of all of them there was not one

As great as Thomas Jefferson.


North Carolina’s chosen men

We know were Hooper, Hewes and Penn.


And South Carolina’s vote was one

By Heyward, Lynch and Middleton.


From Georgia came Gwinnett and Hall

And Walton, too, the last of all

Who signed our precious Declaration,

The pride and glory of the nation.





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