Thursday, May 27, 1971
While fishing in the Watoga State Park last Saturday morning, Ron Lindsey, of Beckley, was fishing with night crawlers and caught a six-inch bluegill. While the bluegill was being retrieved, a large mouth bass struck and swallowed it. Mr. Lindsey landed the bass which weighed five pounds, and part of the bluegill could be seen in its gullet. It was estimated the bass was 24 inches long and about 18 inches in circumference.

Being a good sport, Mr. Lindsey put the bass back in the lake for the try of some future angler.

The top 12 honor students of the 1971 graduating class of Pocahontas County High School, representing the top 10 percent of the class:

Ellen Lynn Beard, Susan Chappell, Michael Chestnut, Deborah Crawford, Rose Marie Dale, Connie Sue Dilley, David Horne, Tom D. Morrison, Cathy Summers, Zed Steven Weatherholt, Terry Wooddell and Sharon Rebecca Woods.
By S. E. Drumm

Each week I plan to write this column and I will state only facts. Should any reader desire to have me prove these facts, he or she only has to make a request.

Long before I came to this hospital, loose talk, gossip, misinformed folks and others have created a bad image for it.

My purpose in writing this weekly column is to try and dispel rumors and replace them with facts. I fully realize that no one living can convince everyone.

For reasons known only to themselves, some of our own hospital personnel can very well become members of those mentioned above. Perhaps we can change their minds.

Many of you people know me, but many of you do not. Some of you have taken the time to do a little investigation of my background. I can tell you I am no better and no worse than most of you. I have been associated with and in hospitals for 40 years and certainly you do not criticize me for becoming a little perturbed when someone on the street, who never saw the inside of a hospital, wants to make hospital policy…

This hospital is old. Many of you men and women were born in this hospital. Because of its age, many new medical innovations do not exist here. There is no doubt of the fact, this hospital does not and cannot comply with the requirements set forth by the West Virginia Hospital Association, the State Fire Marshal’s office, the Joint Accredited Hospital Commission, nor the Medicare Program.

You are wondering why we stay open.

I will tell you. We have as fine and as qualified a group of doctors as exists in any small community in West Virginia. We have as fine and as qualified a group of nurses as can be found in any small community in this State. We will pit our other personnel with any small community in the State, and last, but more important, our patients receive as fine or better care and treatment as they would in any small hospital in this State.

This is why the State and others permit us to stay in operation.

We have many problems; we do not wish to minimize them, but we will eventually get to all of them…

Arnett D. Moore, 68, of Huntersville, a son of the late Pearl and Betty Sharp Moore. Burial in the Sharp Cemetery at Frost.

Oral Orval Blankenship, 44, of Droop, a son of the late William and Matilda Workman Blankenship. Burial in the Mountain Gate Cemetery near Renick.

Dale Junior Hollandsworth, 58, of Lewisburg, a former resident of Droop Mountain and member of Mount Olivet Methodist Church. Burial in Rosewood Cemetery at Lewisburg.

Mrs. Beatrice Hill Taylor, 68, of Canton, Ohio; born at Marlinton, a daughter of the late Jessie and Mattie Hill. Burial in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Canton.

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