Thursday, July 9, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


Harry Lynn Sheets brought in a metal sundial Tuesday with the date of 1689 on it. It has the daylight hours of 4 in the morning to 7 at night marked on it with a little blank space at the bottom for the night. It goes now to the Historical Museum.



The weather, as everyone knows and talks about, is dry. A check with Ilean Walton, who has read the Greenbrier River Gauge at Buckeye since 1951, reveals the river flow is 1.50, the lowest she has known in July. That is the usual reading for October which is the lowest period of the year.


Pearl Buck Home

Negotiations between the State and Pearl Buck seem to have come to naught and Jim Comstock, editor of the “Hillbilly,” has taken it upon himself to take an option on the property at Hillsboro. He is awaiting approval of a loan to purchase the property for $41,000 and is asking for donations to pay for it. For each $5, a pen used by Pearl Buck to autograph Books; for $10 an autographed used book; and for $100 donation a special collector’s publication will be made. Then the property will be given to Pearl Buck.


Boy Scouts

Thirteen Boy Scouts and one Explorer Scout attended camp last week. Those who attended were: Eddie Stemple, Ronnie Peacock, Herby McClure, Garry McClure, David Peacock, John Mallow, Milton Simmons, Doug Morrison, Thomas Clutter, William Clutter, William Kirk, Ronnie Evans, Russell Walker, Larry McCune and Wesley McCune.

Leaders who attended from Troop 33 and Post 33 were Herbert McClure and Clem Simmons.

Troop 33 won a prize of 10 Merit Pamphlets for having the neatest camp in the area. They also had the Honor Table for one day.

Boys who earned merits were Herby McClure, Garry McClure, David Peacock, Tom Clutter, John Mallow and Doug Morrison.


Town Council

On Monday night the Marlinton Town Council paid bills and heard a report on arrests and fines in a program of stricter enforcement of laws against speeding and reckless driving,

Building permits were issued to W. W. Addleman to convert a porch into a kitchen, cost $2,000, and to Mr. and Mrs. Julian Lockridge to build a brick house in Hamilton Addition, cost $15,000. In June a permit was given to Robert Jacobson to build a five-room office beside his residence on 9th Street and to Beecher Meadows to build a two-story, 24 x 50, block and brick building fronting on Main Street, cost $22,000.



Closing out long and faithful careers in Pocahontas County schools at the end of the past term were four teachers. Their teaching experience totaled almost 149 years.

Lila Orndorff, who taught in Green Bank Elementary School, and Plummer Cutlip, who taught in the Hillsboro Grades, each had 39 years experience. Evalyn Coyner, of Clover Lick, a teacher in Cass Graded School, had 38 years, six and one half months, and Warren Blackhurst, of Cass, a Green Bank High School teacher, had completed 32 years.


Allegheny Lodge

Allegheny Lodge, at Minnehaha Springs, has been closed as a weekend and vacation resort for employees of Standard Ultramarine Corporation, of Huntington, since the company has been sold. The future of the Lodge, which now belongs to the president, has not been determined but it will probably be placed on the market for sale.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dean, of Hillsboro, a son named Larken Dale

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Ross, of Marlinton, a daughter named Ronda Anne.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. David Mason, a daughter named Leah Ann.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Queen, of Cass, a daughter named Deloris Sue

born to Mr. and Mrs. Bert Paris Hume, Jr, of Lewisburg, a daughter.



Benjamin Jackson Moore, 66, of Frank; retired employee of Pocahontas Tannery and a minister; burial in the Bethel Cemetery on Back Mountain near Durbin.

Samuel Philmore Walker, 56, was found dead in bed at his home on Sunday, July 5; apparently he died of a heart attack. He was a son of the late John and Rebecca Stewart Walker; burial at Brownsburg.

Emma Sharp Brooks, 72, of Sacramento, California, died in a hospital at Rok Springs, Wyoming, from injuries received in a two-vehicle collision three and one half hours earlier. She was enroute to New York and West Virginia to visit relatives. She was a daughter of the late Joseph and Lina Sharp, of Mingo. Burial in Sunset Lawn at Sacramento.

Willie Andrew Dilley, 89, of Huntersville; son of the late Amos and Mintie Dilley; burial in the Dilley Cemetery.

Merle Ervin, 49, of Baltimore, Maryland; a son of the late Ellis and Lorena Ervin, of Cass; burial in Glen Haven Cemetery in Baltimore.







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