Thursday, September 10, 1970

Sportsman Take Note

Farmers have been complaining mightily of groundhog hunters who are shoot- ing sheep, riding down fences, and shooting at targets into trees, valuable as veneer lumber. Sportsmen want and need the friendship and cooperation of farmers, so –

Religious Camp Ground

A Camp Ground for Religious purpose has been started on the Burwell property in Huntersville. Mr. and Mrs. John Burwell deeded approximately 13 acres of wooded land to Ambassadors For Christ, Inc. This has come about because of a need in the lives of the area youth for clean, decent recreation. The Camp Ground will house a Tabernacle, Youth Building, Kitchen – Dining building, Cabins and Trailer spaces.

Fred Moore, of Hunters-ville, donated timber and Albert Galford and Omar Smith are sawing the timber free of charge. Roy Hamilton and sons have donated their labor, saws and trucks to get the timber to the mill. Gilbert VanReenen donated a bulldozer and labor in skidding the logs, Willie Ryder donated the use of his bulldozer and labor to open a new road and grade the land where the Tabernacle is being built, Neal Alderman is donating his talent in the building of the Tabernacle. Many others have given freely of their time, talent, and their treasure, and we are grateful to them.

The Ambassadors For Christ Youth Group was formed early in April by Rev. and Mrs. James Maharaj and is still active. Other than the regular Saturday night rallies and business meetings of the youth group, there will be Annual Camp Meetings bringing people from various areas of the state… This camp is interdenominational and operated completely on faith and it is hoped that the local people will support it wholeheartedly…


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lowell T. Moser, of Morgantown, a daughter, named Jessica Lenore.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John McCarty, of Gainesville, Virginia, a son, named Shawn Ellis. The mother is the former Helen Wamsley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Cuskey, of Abingdon, Virginia, a son, named Cameron Richard. The mother is the former Joan Morrison.


Mrs. Odie Simmons Rexrode Campbell, 87, of Staunton, Virginia; born at Monterey, Virginia, a daughter of the late Lewis and Nellie Simmons. Sister of the late L. O. Simmons. Burial in Thornrose Cemetery at Staunton.

Jasper O. Crowley, 78, of Cleveland, Ohio, formerly of Arbovale. Burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Raymond R. Galford, 47, of Knoxville, Tennessee; born at Dunmore, a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Arch Galford. Burial in the Greenwood Cemetery.

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