For many years, The Pocahontas Times staff took a week’s vacation at the end of the year, so there was no paper.
To fill in, here are some items from:

Sixty Years Ago
Thursday, December 31, 1959


First county candidate to file was Gilbert Jack, who filed on December 12 as a candidate for the Democratic nomination for sheriff. This is his first try for public office. He is the owner of Jack’s Drive-In.

Harry King, of Marlinton, has also filed as a candidate for member of the County Democratic Executive Committee, a position he presently holds.

Wally Barron, of Elkins, who earlier announced his intentions for running for Governor, last week officially filed as a candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Orel Skeen, presently state treasurer, announced as the fourth candidate for the Democratic nomination for Governor on last Friday.

Names of Creeks

Judge S. H. Sharp has received a request from Kyle McCormick, Head of the State Department of Arch-ives and History, wanting information on the origin of names of creeks in this county. Judge Sharp knew Bird Run, above Frost, was named for the family by the name of Bird who lived on it; Sugar Camp run was named for the big sugar camp his grandfather had there; and that Knapps Creek, also called Ewings Creek for a time, was named for Nap Gregory, the early hunter who was mysteriously killed at Minnehaha Springs. We will add information from time to time as we get it and will be glad to hear all stories about names of creeks and runs in Pocahontas.

Still House Run was so named because here Joshua Kee distilled whiskey – legally, with government license. He was the son of the pioneer Kee, one generation from Ireland.

Leatherbark Run carries the name of a shrub, the bark of which – and the whole of plant – was flexible as leather. The plant was used by farmers to tie fodder and other such purposes until it has been wiped out.

Another interesting name is Chickenhouse Run, out Watoga way. There seems to be a difference of opinion on the source of this name. There was an early settler from New England by the name of Chickener who was buried on Chickenhouse Run. Also there is the story of a cock pit being maintained here when cock fighting was popular in the early 1800s. This was a convenient place halfway between Huntersville and the Levels. Another story is to the effect that a trapper penned a loud crowing rooster on the ridge to attract wolves, foxes and wildcats to his traps. And a third story says the name was given because the thick pine forest was the gathering place for wild turkeys, pigeons and crows to roost.

Another run in this section is Island Lick Run, named for the salt lick on a strand of the Greenbrier River.

There are four Laurel Runs, two Laurel Creeks and a Little Laurel Creek in Pocahontas. Laurel Run in Watoga Park is eight miles long and longer than many full-fledged creeks. There is Laurel Creek at Rimel and Laurel and Little Laurel on Williams River. Laurel Runs are near Clover Lick and in Watoga going into the Greenbrier and at Slaty Fork and Hills Creek.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Sharp, of Buckeye, a son, named Ricky Lynn.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Alfred Callison, of Hillsboro, a daughter, named Jacqueline Annette.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Horbert Kline, of Circleville, a daughter, named Cindy Ann, in the Bartow Clinic.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Turner, of Cass, a son, named Thomas Wayne, in the Bartow Clinic.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Taylor, of Dunmore, a daughter, named Christine Marie, in the Bartow Clinic.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Hiner, of Norfolk, Virginia, a son, named William III. The mother is the former Miss Sally Rexrode.


Mrs. Peachie Nellie Jane Totten, aged 93, formerly of Renick. Burial in the Renick Cemetery.

Quillie R. “Bill” Kincaid, of McKeesport, Pennsylvania, aged 59. Born on Douthards Creek, a son of the late Sherman Clark and Ella Cutlip Kincaid. Burial in McKeesport

Gilbert Claiborne Kellison, aged 34 years; born at Huntersville, a son of Claiborne H. and Mary Alderman Kellison. Burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery.

Anthony Bonnell, aged 81 years, 11 months and 21 days; son of Jonathan and Mrs. Nancy Ash Bonnell. Funeral service at the Seebert church. Burial in Center Point, Doddridge County.

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