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Thursday, August 7, 1969

Mrs. Lloyd Woods was in to say she heard a katydid on July 20 and a screech owl the next night. We heard the first katydid this past week; others said they heard some the week before. So frost is due sometime after the first of September, as usual.

Ollie Tacy, of Cass, killed a big black rattler in the Linwood CCC road last week that measured 48 inches. The nine rattles and a button were not much for the tremendous size of the snake. He brought it back to show the Cass Train riders, many of them seeing their first rattler. W. E. Blackhurst got the hide for his museum.

Mr. Tacy brought us a jar of pretty locust honey. They lost the basswood honey due to rain. He says he has some dark honey that is sweet and mild, and he believes it came from milkweed bloom.

Beecher Meadows killed a 48-inch black rattler, nine rattles and a button, on the Buckley Trail last week. He said Calvin Lester killed two others a few days before. Lots of snakes this year.

No Fire Department?

This is written Monday night and, as of now, Marlinton has no fire department. The men finally agreed to act if called until Tuesday until the Mayor and Council could find a new chief and members.

This sad situation came about because we citizens of Marlinton followed the weak line of criticizing and tearing apart what other people were building and doing for our protection; if we didn’t criticize, we didn’t stand up enough for them.

Within sight of a better financial foundation, the years of half-truths, criticism and abuse came to a climax Monday night and our fire department decided it could take it no longer.

What can we do?

We have no answer.

Personally, we voice our confidence in our present volunteers and humbly ask them to continue in this public service.

Boys and Girls in Service

Army P. F. C. William W. Mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Mann, of Marlinton, is stationed with the 725th Infantry Maintenance Division in Chu Chi, Vietnam.

Benny Campbell, son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown Campbell, of Dunmore, is serving with the Army in Vietnam.

Danny A. Sheets, of Green Bank, was promoted to Army Specialist-5 June 30 near Dak To, Vietnam, where he is serving with the 299th Engineer Battalion.

Major Kenneth J. Hamrick, son of Dr. K. J. Hamrick, of Marlinton, usually flies an 0-1 Bird Dog. The propeller driven, single engine aircraft is used to spot and mark targets for fighter and bomber planes and to assess damage.

Recently Major Hamrick rode with an F-100 Super Sabre pilot on a strike mission 87 miles south of Binh Thuy Air Base, where the major is a member of the 22nd Tactical Airlift Support Squadron.

The F-100 in comparison with the Bird Dog is a supersonic jet aircraft used to attack positions marked by the FAC…

“I’ve seen them all, but the F-100 is the most accurate fighter aircraft in the Pacific Air Forces,” commented Major Hamrick…

The major is a 1955 graduate of Marlinton High School.


Charles Cover, of Frank, and Tom Morrison, of Marlinton, are among the West Virginia Scouters on a trip to Philmont National Scout Reservation, Cimarron, New Mexico.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bowers, of Richmond, Virginia, a daughter, named Laura Scott.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Friel, of Buckhannon, a son, named Robert Eldon.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Judd Howard, of High Point, North Carolina, a son, named Judson Dale.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Taylor, of Dunmore, a daughter, named Cheryl Ann.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. McManaman, of Indianapolis, Indiana, a son, named Shawn Devin. The mother is the former Shirley Mace.


Basil Hicks, of Minnehaha Springs; burial in South Carolina.

Val Monroe Fortune, 88, of Ormond Beach, Florida. Born in Virginia, a son of the late John Adam and Virginia Hickman Fortune. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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