Thursday, June 26, 1969


Buffalo Fork Dam, near Bartow and Thornwood, was dedicated Wednesday and the valves were closed Thursday to allow the 21-acre impoundment to fill. Taking part in the dedication were Randolph Bledsoe, of Bartow; Pete Zurbach, of the Department of Natural Resources; George Jones, Regional Forester; and Tony Dorrell, Monongahela National Forest Supervisor.

Trout fishing will be available in a few months. Picnic areas, boat launch, and other recreational facilities are yet to be built.

This dam, costing $242,000, was built with money from the Economic Development Administration and fees collected by the DNR for hunting and fishing on the national forest.

It will be a source of water for the East Fork of the Greenbrier in times of drought, thereby assuring the Tannery of necessary water, and it will be a recreation facility.


Krellis Wimer lost another two sheep last week to a bear, making fourteen, so far. He trailed it with some of Lee Dean’s and Argile Arbogast’s dogs high up on Kennison at the head of Hills Creek. Here more dogs were put on. Argile Arbogast was letting these dogs out of the truck and a young dog, anxious to get out, took a nip at his face, sinking a tooth deep in his upper lip.

The bear led the chase on through to about two hundred yards below the locked gate on Cranberry. Here, the bear was shot by three men, Bill Ruckman, Robert Hall, Sr., and Robert Hall, Jr., aged 72 down to 13. It was the first bear for the Halls, and quite an exciting feat for a 13 year old – but, of course, Bill Ruckman is a veteran.

Alfred McNeel joined the hunt a little late in the morning, after doing some other work, and he drove up in his little “bug,” and got out to talk to Arbogast, who brought the dogs but had no gun. The bear came out of the woods, stopped, stood a good ten seconds, and left.
McNeel’s gun was still in the case in the car.

McCarty ~ Curry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Curry, of Frost, announce the marriage of their daughter, Miss Barbara Ann Curry, to Ronald Gene McCarty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey McCarty, of Frost.

Withers ~ Menefee

In a double ring ceremony at two o’clock Friday afternoon, May 30, 1969, Miss Wanda Kay Menefee, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Starling Menefee, of Marlinton, became the bride of Ivan W. Withers, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan W. Withers, Sr., of Marlinton.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Simmons, of Marlinton, a daughter, named Melissa Marie.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Skip Thacker, of Green Bank, a son, named David Leo.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Woolard, of Cleveland, Ohio, a son, named Steven Lee. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Biggs and Okey Woolard, of Marlinton.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brock, Jr., of Hanover, Pennsylvania, a daughter, named Kimberly Lee.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Rex White, of Lynchburg, Virginia, a son, named David Edward.


Grady Myrl Ervine, 66, of Marlinton; born at Huntersville, a son of the late George Mack and Elizabeth Sharp Ervine. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Goldie Elizabeth Shrader Beverage, 66, of Marlinton; born at Huntersville, a daughter of the late George H. and Leanna McCarty Shrader. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Liza Vandevender Lester, 72, of Marlinton; born at Franklin, a daughter of the late James and Cindy Vandevender. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Celia Ellen Sayre Young, 85, of Buckhannon; a daughter of the late Franklin and Alice Huffman Sayre.

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