Thursday, June 5, 1969


Argile Arbogast shot THE Bear last Wednesday; four hundred pounds, right on the nose, when they weighed him on Ralph Burns’ scales. He was an older bear, eight to ten years at a guess, but with good teeth.

His feet were described as massive. It is hoped this will end the raids on the flocks of Krellis Wimer and others over the past several years.

This was almost a perfect match for the 400-pound bear killed by Walter McNeill about five years ago on Swago Knob, which is now mounted in the Pocahontas Historical Museum. These are the two biggest bears Mr. Arbogast has seen.

This hunt was legally handled in accordance with the Department of Natural Resources rulings; Joe Roy was notified of the hunt and the kill.

Krellis Wimer had lost five or six sheep – this was the third time they had been out for this bear. This time they used a better strategy. Wimer took Arbogast’s hounds and trailed the bear out. Then Arbogast took Lee Dean’s dogs and closed in on him.

The 13 mile trail led up over Kennison, over Dogway, through Cranberry River, and the bear was treed about a mile up Sand Run.

About four o’clock, Arbogast shot the bear about fifty feet up in a tree. He had a .44 Ruger Magnum and used six shots (he only had nine). The bear kept swatting past his ear and face like a bee was bothering him. The bullets, when removed, were really spread out.

After the kill, Arbogast tied the dogs and went for help. It took hard work and several hours for six men to pull that bear out. Every little rise in the ground took maximum effort to get the bear over it.

Others in on the hunt were Larry Arbogast, Krellis Wimer, Tom Barcroft, Pop Jackson, Bill Ruckman, Benton Smith and Tom Edgar.


Jackson – Hefner

On May 17, 1969, at 2 p.m. at the West Union Methodist Church with the Rev. Ezra Bennett, of Renick, reading the double ring service, Miss Freda Mae Hefner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hefner, became the bride of Robert Wayne Jackson, son of Mrs. Lucy Jackson, and the late Hugh Y. Jackson, all of Marlinton.

MHS Class of 1969

Norman Lee Alderman, Nancy Larraine Anderson, Diane Eleanor Arbogast, Lloyd Henry Armstrong, Roseanna Lee Armstrong, Billie Irene Barrett, James Ernest Baxter, Terry Lee Beck, Linda Jenell Bennett, Marilyn Yvonne Beverage, Sharon McCloud Broce, Barbara Lou Broyles, Brenda Sue Broyles, Arthur Michael Cain, Ronnie Everette Carpenter, James Cecil Clark, William Edward Corso, Ronnie Lee Crockett, Shelia Gay Curry, Della Mae Dean, Richard Cecil Dean, Mary Dharla Dever, Steve Gerald Dilley, Thomas Wayne Dilley, Donnie Buford Doyle, Theodore O. Dunbrack, Judith, Ann Friel, Donald Alighia Galford, Nancy Garretson, Catherine Hull Gibson, Stephen Douglas Gibson, Owen Jacob Gragg, Stanley Allen Greene, Nancy Cheryl Greene, Dotty Lou Hamilton, Franklin Ford Hammons, Steve Jewell Hoover, Steven Douglas Jack, Carol Thomas Jackson, Maxine Lou Jackson, William Eugene Kelly, Irene Ellen Kramer, Donald Wayne Lovelace, William Leo Mace, William Dean Maddy, Anne Winters Mallow, Billy Eugene McCarty, Harry McCloud, Gloria Grey McComb, Hope Pauletta McComb, Charles Donovan McElwee, Pearl Mae Miller, Thomas Douglas Moore, Douglas Glen Morrison, Sondra Jean Phillips, Brenda Warren Poage, Hope McClintic Rimel, Charma Kay Sage, Daniel Eugene Sharp, Zella Jane Shearer, Michael Lynn Sheets, John Richard Sparks, Paul Jackson Sparks, Edward Lynn Stemple, Terry Wayne Tallman, Anna Sue Thomas, Ellen Louise Thomas, Ronald Dexter Tibbs, Dianna Kay Tyree, James Stanley VanReenen, Glen Oliver Wade, Sandra Lee Watson, Saundra Lou Watson, Rosemary Elizabeth Waugh, Mike Lee Weatherholt, Walter William Weiford, Harriett June Williams, Gene Edward Wilfong, Ivan Wendell Withers, Darrell McCue Workman, Wilma Jean Wyatt.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ray Irvine, of Marlinton, a son, named Earl Ray.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loudermilk, of Hillsboro, a son, named Ricky McKay.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCarty, of Silver Spring, Maryland, a daughter, named Rebecca Kelley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Basil Cain, of Falls Church, Virginia, a son. The mother is the former Miss Juanita Boggs.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Smith, Jr., of Charleston, a daughter, named Sandra Marie.

Born to Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Moore, of New Orleans, Louisiana, a son, named John.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Y. Jackson, of Terre Haute, Indiana, a son.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Eugene Hill, of Maxwelton, a son, named Brian Eugene.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sharp, a daughter, named Tamara Lynn.


Leonard Wenger, 60, of Arbovale; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Dan Michael Jack, 16, of Belle Camp, Maryland, formerly of Marlinton; burial in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Hillsboro.

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