Thursday, October 17, 1968

Someone brought in a big pullet egg last Wednesday while we were busy printing and no one can remember who it was. However, the egg, laid by a five-month old pullet, measured 8 inches lengthwise and 6 inches around the middle.

– – –

Mrs. Osa McLaughlin brought in a tree branch with broad ovate leaves, big oval seed pods, both dried, open, dead pods and pods full of seeds, not yet open, and peculiar fuzzy bud growth for next year. She brought it from a tree near Hinton. We thought it to be the same as a tree we noticed along the Kanawha and Gauley rivers and on the way to Roanoke in the spring, with beautiful lavender blooms and we had gone to Ranger Vearl Haynes for identification, then so back again we went. He says it is the same Imperial tree, Princess Tree or Paulownia tree, named for Princess Paulownia of the Netherlands. It is an Asian tree, somewhat similar to a Catalpa, introduced as an ornamental tree which escaped from cultivation and has become extensively naturalized, particularly along streams in the southern part of the state.

Elmer Nelson had brought in a branch earlier with growths on the leaves and Mr. Haynes confirmed this as insect galls.


The second weekly automotive program was held last Monday night at Mitchell’s Chevrolet Garage. An excellent job of explaining the functioning of the clutch, transmission, differential and brakes was performed by Reid Mitchell, Norman Friel and Robert Dilley.

Monday night, October 21, is the third meeting, especially designed for teenagers. This meeting will be held at Marlinton Motor Company at 7:30 p.m. This week the group will have the opportunity to view the internal parts of the automobile engine and the carburetor. Mechanics will be on hand to explain the functioning of these parts.

All teenagers are invited to attend his meeting.


Austin Amos Nottingham, 85, of Durbin; burial in the Nottingham Cemetery.

Mrs. Arlene Judy Cutlip, 60, of Hillsboro; born at Bartow a daughter of the late James F. and Lucy Hannah Judy. She taught in Pocahontas County Schools for more than 33 years. Burial in the Jacox cemetery.

Mrs. Nellie Louise Cochran Cromer, 61, of Pence Springs; born at Ronceverte, a daughter of the late Mitchell and Nancy Dolan Cochran.

Mrs. Stella Hill Brown, 65, of Renick; born at Lobelia, a daughter of the late A. W. and Meta Eagle Hill.

S. Luther Simmons, 71, of Vanderpool, Virginia, a son of the late Ethriam and Phoebe Jane Simmons Simmons. Burial in the Green Hill Cemetery at Church-ville, Virginia.

Cecil Ray McMillion, 60, of Elkins; born in Greenbrier County, a son of the late Maranthus and Effie McMillion. Burial in the I. O. O. F. Cemetery in Elkins.

Snowden Forrest Rogers, 54, of Canvas, a DNR employee who worked in Pocahontas County. Burial in the Groves Cemetery, Canvas.

Jesse W. Hoover, 67, of Marlinton; born at Dunmore, a son of the late George J. Hoover and Lucy B. Hoover. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

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