Thursday, July 4, 1968

Killed in Action

Corporal Lee Roy Sprouse, aged 20, was killed in action Tuesday, June 25, 1968, in Viet Nam, when he stepped on a mine. He had been in Viet Nam 26 days.

Corporal Sprouse is the son of Oliver and Lucille Galford Sprouse, of Dunmore…

Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.


David Sparks, Sr., of Marlinton, an employee of International Shoe Company, fell 40 feet from a cherry tree and seriously injured his left foot. He was taken to Morgantown Medical Center…


The long-awaited news at the First National Bank is a modern time and temperature clock, flashing alternate reports.

Horses Wanted

Again we are having a Pioneer Days Parade and again we are asking all horse owners to participate. Also those people who don’t have a horse, borrow one. We would like to see this be the biggest parade of horses in the State of West Virginia. So we are asking you to bring your riding horses, teams of horses, ponies and oxen. All buggies, surreys, buckboard, and wagon entries must be of Pioneer Days origin. Antique Cars will be last in the parade to show the change of times…

Dog Days

Dog Days officially began July 3, but for us, last Wednesday was dog day. In the morning, A. D. McCoy came [for an ad] and with a sorry tale of losing two basset hounds, with a litter of pups left behind for his sister, Mrs. A. R. Jackson, to struggle to feed while he had to go on to Pennsylvania. We found we already had an ad where Mrs. Lottie Daniels had two rabbit dogs at her house that weren’t hers. It took several hours of on and off telephoning to find somebody at home, but finally it was established the two ads were for the same dogs and Denver Hollandsworth offered his son, Gary, to bring the dogs home. About three o’clock the word came that the dogs were safely home and, you know what? That mama dog cried real tears when she was reunited with her pups.

– – –

Albert Kelley was going around town Saturday with a wire snake in a jar of water. The old tale is that hairs from horses’ tails turn into wire snakes, ‘cause that’s what they look like. A check with Charles Edward McElwee brought a little scientific light on the matter. They are really wire worms, a gordacia, class nemathehelmin-thes, and are internal parasites of grasshoppers and crickets. They are found in water troughs, etc., and do resemble horse hairs, so the assumption by some that the horse hairs had come alive.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Emery Wyatt, of Hampton, Virginia, a daughter, named Wanda Susan. Born to Mrs. Junior Lee Shriner, of Hampton, Virginia, and the late Mr. Schriner, a son, named Junior Lee Schriner, Jr.

Both of these babies, born 10 minutes apart, are the grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Wyatt, of Hampton, Virginia, formerly of Dunmore.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall, of Charleston, a daughter, named Ann Warren. The mother is the former Beverly Nottingham.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Green, twins, Jody Lynn and Judith Leslie.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. A. Ellison, a daughter, named Judy Ellen.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Shinaberry, a son.


Maxine Fisher, 42, of Cass; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Parker Lee Curry, 73, of Marlinton, a veteran of World War I and a retired employee of the C & O Railroad. Burial in the Stony Creek Cemetery.

C. Layke Sheets, 49, of Guys Mills Pennsylvania. Born in Green Bank, a son of Issac T. (Dick) and Claudie M. Galford Sheets.

Andrew Gale Irvine, 50, of Harker’s Island, North Carolina; born near Marlinton, a son of the late Frank and Florence Shinaberry Irvine. Burial in the Vergie Mae Cemetery in Harker’s Island.

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