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April 2, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


Television Shows

Scenes and people of Pocahontas are shown in a new television show, “Edge of the Future,” to be shown over state stations the next two weeks.

Albert Wilfong, Z. S. Smith, Jr. and Jane Price Sharp were interviewed for the program on planning for future development. The pictures were made in the Green Bank and Wesley Chapel area. Several other counties are featured also.



Dear Editor:

In a recent article in your paper the statement was made about the winters not being favorable in Pocahontas in the past years for turkey survival. This is true, but it is the job for the game management to help our turkey and other game through the hard winters. Why not take the salaries they are paying the dozens of so-called technicians and purchase a snow cart or dozer so we can feed our game, especially in the backwoods. The roads in our back areas have not been opened during the winter snows for years. We have enough back country to keep thousands of turkeys if they were fed through the hard winters when the beech mast doesn’t hit. Also control the varmints, including the ones who are trapping our turkeys and taking them out of the county and state. One local farmer and sportsman waded snow hip-deep this winter and carried grain two miles to feed turkeys. In the past two weeks they were trapped and transported out of the county. This has been going on for years unknown to most citizens If our county officials, local Chamber of Commerce, and sportsmen don’t band together and stop this unnecessary looting in our area, the hunters and sportsmen will have to go to Virginia where the majority of deer money-spending sportsmen are already going.

A Patriot


Boys and Girls in Service

Private Carol R. Puffenbarger, son of Mrs. Veva Puffenbarger, of Hillsboro, completed a seven week small missile repair course at the Army Ordinance Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland.

Puffenbarger was trained to inspect, test and maintain in the field the Army’s small missiles.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Long, of Beard, a son.


Mrs. Lillian Buzzard, age 88; wife of Willie Buzzard; burial in the Dunmore Cemetery.

Cathy Jean Galford, age 11; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Galford; death attributed to leukemia; burial in the Cochran Cemetery.

Mrs. Blanche Dorman, age 75, of Huntington; burial in the Old Droop Cemetery of Droop.

Marvin Lanty (Jim) Sharp, age 41, of Marlinton, was killed in a slate fall at the Sax Sewell Mine at Richwood; a member of the Methodist church; burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Laura Walton Miller, aged 80 years; born at Buckeye, the daughter of the late James A. and Mary Galford Rogers; a member of the Presbyterian church; burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.

Norman F. Wanless, of Minnehaha Springs; in ill health for seven years; a member of the Methodist church; burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery



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