Thursday, December 21, 1967

Coach Elmer Friel received a certificate for a color television set from Fred Burns, president of the Marlinton Chamber of Commerce, with the congratulations for him and the Marlinton High football team from the community for a successful football season crowned with the State Class A Championship.

Schoolboy Patrol

Members of the Marlinton Schoolboy Patrol are Delayne Rhea, John Wilfong, Keith Miller, David McLau-ghlin, Ronald Madison, Bill Killinger, Frank Morrison, Matthew Myers, Michael Mann, Dewayne Rhea, David Eddy, Matthew Withers, George Heflin, Tommy Moore (Captain), Terry Nelson, Mark Mitchell, Jimmy Calhoun and Lynn Nelson.

Fiery Object

Ernest Kelley, of Knapps Creek, was watching the Walter Cronkite 6:30 news program last Tuesday night and was startled by a light outside. An object shaped like a light bulb or pear, looking as big as a three-gallon bucket, brightly lighted the fields and barn as it fell to earth. It looked like it came down in a nearby field but so far he hasn’t found it.

Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Moses, driving to their home on Hamilton Hill in Marlinton, saw the falling object, and from here it looked the size of a quart can.


The championship trophies of the Pocahontas County Country Club for the 1967 season are on display in the window of the Marlinton Cleaners.

Ralph Coberly won the Men’s Championship, followed by Scott Sheets, First Flight, C. W. Chapman, Second Flight, Richard Dombrosky, Third Flight, and Richard Eddy, Fourth Flight.

Jab Ervine won the Woman’s Championship, with Sue S. Knepper, of Monterey, winning the First Flight trophy.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Warren L. Rosencrance, of Durbin, a daughter. The mother is the former Twila Wenger.

Born to Specialist Four and Mrs. Douglas Jett, in Denver, Colorado, a daughter.


Mrs. Mary DeNora Young, 83, of Buckeye, a daughter of the late Lee Overholt and Lettia Galford Overholt. Burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Miss Nannie Myrtle Hill, 84, of Lobelia, a daughter of the late John Wesley and Elizabeth Bruffey Hill. Burial in the Emmanuel Church Cemetery.

Charles D. Brubaker, 85, of Boyer, a son of the late David and Lucinda Eisenberg Brubaker. Burial in the Arnold Cemetery at Junction.

Pearl Hamilton Cromer, 86, of Cheat Bridge, a son of the late Harvey F. and Arbanna Malcom Cromer. Burial in the Bethel Cemetery.

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