November 9, 1967

Conference Play-off

Marlinton High School’s unbeaten football team is the Northern Greenbrier Valley Champion and Rainelle is the Southern Valley Champion, and they will meet to decide the Valley Championship in Marlinton Saturday, November 11.

Marlinton will play in the State Class A school play-off against Wirt County High School Saturday, November 18, at Weston.

1968 Marlintonian

The seniors of Marlinton High School are proud to announce that they are dedicating their 1968 yearbook, The Marlintonian, to the Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department. Each year the seniors meet to decide who most deserves this honor. With a landslide vote, they chose the Fire Department for their courageous service in the three disastrous school fires this year.


Veterans Day
What Goes Here?
By Ted Stemple

For the most of our lives – those of us in middle age – we have practiced and seen a devoted loyalty and love of our flag. It has meant to us, and signified to us, the very precepts on which we live and has always reminded us of the lives that have been laid down and the blood that has been shed to keep our freedom.

We remember when it was a duty for all men to remove their hats when our flag was carried down the street in a parade.
We remember when the Pledge of Allegiance was recited every morning in our school.

We remember when the flag was raised with appropriate ceremony on a flag pole at the beginning of a school day and was lowered with a ceremony at the close of that day.

We remember when on national holidays practically every home and business place displayed our flag.

On the recent 4th of July a tour was made of eight small towns along the main thoroughfare in Randolph and Pocahontas counties and a total of eleven flags were observed.

So, we say, “What goes here in Pocahontas County?”

Is it that we have ceased to honor and love that flag that is a symbol of everything that we enjoy in a free land?

By our very actions in forgetting ourselves, to show respect and instill in the younger generation a loyalty to our flag and our country, we are passively contributing to the precepts that are fostering a class of draft card burners and flag burners. Yes, we are even contributing to the race riots that are happening all over this fair land.

Let us never get it in our minds that it cannot happen here because there is a very real danger that it will happen unless the people wake up and get back in their hearts the things that the founders of this nation had in theirs.

Surely there must be some organization or group of people here who will urge on every family and every merchant the need to display our national banner, at least on national holidays. If there is no such group then it is high time that a group or lodge be organized that is dedicated to these principles of the past.

Of course, actions of this type take a little time, but if we are not willing to see that an effort is made, then someday we will look back and say, “What Went Here?”

We will certainly have to shoulder our share of the blame.


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Shreve, of Frank, a daughter, named Donna Sue

Born to Mr. and Mrs. William Alberts, of Droop, a daughter, named Linda Fontella.

Born to Sergeant and Mrs. Dee H. Stockton, Jr., of Bittburg, Germany, a daughter, named Machelle Lynn. Mrs. Stockton is the former Barbara Carpenter. The great-grandmothers are Mrs. Susie Rogers, of Buckeye, and Mrs. Maude Carpenter, of Hillsboro.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Purdy, of Arlington, Virginia, a son, named Mark Lee. Mrs. Purdy is the former Mildred Burr. The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Burr, of Huntersville.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Carlen Shinaberry, of Bartow, a daughter, named Shelia Dawn.


Miss Harriet Anne McNeel, 57, of Charleston; a daughter of the late Dr. Harvey Winters and Elizabeth Edgar McNeel. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

James Lee Colaw, 26, of Durbin; a son of James Russell Colaw and the late Jessie May Sheets Colaw.

Buford Virgil Doyle, 46, of Mace; the youngest son of the late Harvey W. and Lucy Mace Doyle. Burial in the Mingo Cemetery.
Adam Hevener Brock, 61, of Hightown, Virginia; burial in the Monterey Cemetery.

Verlin Clarence (Cricket) Miller, 69, of Millboro Springs. Born at Hillsboro, a son of the late John and Estaline Sprouse Miller. Burial in Oak Grove Cemetery.

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