November 7, 1963

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp


Gary Carpenter, 12, of Hillsboro, got an unusual squirrel on Stamping Creek last Saturday, his fourth for the season. This squirrel, several years old and with an unusually long tail, had a tooth growing out from his jaw, through the skin, and curling up around its face. It had previously injured the eye, causing blindness and had been broken off, but was still an inch and a half long.



Alton Elmer Asbury, 51, a construction worker of Nitro, was killed instantly when his car went over the hill on the road to Spruce Flats Saturday about 8 p.m. He had been to Dan Carpenter’s to get a dog. It is presumed he missed the curve in a snow squall.

We were unable to get in contact with the State Police but we think this is the second traffic fatality in Pocahontas this year, both on the same road within a few hundred yards of each other.



A strange looking varmint has been seen around Huntersville by at least four people and they want it to be caught and identified, so be on the lookout for it. It is black, is larger than a fox and has a bushy tail as long and big as its body. Aaron Wyatt had two shots at it Saturday and missed; he said it seemed to hole in around the Huntersville dump. It was seen twice in Fred Moore’s field by Clive Alderman and Cecil and Bob Francisco. They had never seen anything like it but it resembled pictures they had seen of wolverines.


Pocahontas Club

Not many years ago, one thought of traveling only in his dreams. Since World War II, this has changed a great deal. Man can almost reach up to the stars or he can circle the globe in less than two hours.

The big trend is to move to the larger cities and towns of our nation, leaving beind most of our friends and seeking new ones. After a few days in a strange town we learn that people are not very friendly to newcomers or old ones either. What is more welcome in a strange city than to see a person you knew back home? About the only thing I know is to see two or more of them. You sit around and talk for hours about the good times back home and how you wish you could still work and live there. You ask questions, “Do you know where John is?” or “How is Mary getting along?” and just plain, “Gee, I wish I could meet more people from around home, they are so friendly, but not the people in this town.”

I am glad to inform you that there are a lot of people in this part of the country from Pocahontas County. We have formed a club where the people can get together once a month to chat with old friends from the county or meet new ones. The club is a year old….Samuel D. Pierson



Richard Hefner was chosen president of the Hillsboro Future Farmers of America at the first regular meeting at Hillsboro High School Vo-Ag building. Donald McCoy was chosen vice president; Harold Hill, secretary; Leffort Kidd, treasurer; Gary Lilly, sentinel; and Ronald Bruffey, reporter.


Engagement Announced

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Friel, of Marlinton announce the engagement of their daughter, Paula Mae, to Elwood Clark Galford, so of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Galford, of Marlinton.


McLaughlin – Friel Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Guy Friel, of Marlinton, announce the marriage of their daughter, Joyce Marie, to Edward McLaughlin, son of Mr and Mrs. Basil McLaughlin, of Marlinton.

The marriage took place Saturday, October 19, 1963, at Warm Springs Virginia, with the Rev. Parker Perkins performing the ceremony.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jennings E. Smith, of Mullens, a daughter, Laura Jean.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Galford, of Marlinton, a daughter, Trisha Gayle.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ray J. Conrad, of Norfolk, Virginia, a daughter, Sheila Gay.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cutlip, of Williamson, a son, Timothy Richard.



Mrs. Laura Beard Condor, age 60, of Huntington, formerly of Renick; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Mrs. Grosa Warner Vandevander, age 72, of Franklin; widow of William Vandevander and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. and Malinda Helmick Vandevander; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.

Henry Hamilton Halterman, age 83, of Cass,; a resident of northern Pocahontas County most of his life; funeral service in the Boyer Methodist Church.

Romie Jurden Cutlip, age 69; born at Droop Mountain, he was the son of the late A. E. and Lida Cutlip; burial in the Mountain View Cemetery.



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