Thursday, March 19, 1964

From the desk of Mrs. Jane Price Sharp

Sherman Kincaid was the high bidder at the resale of the Minnehaha Springs school house and lot Saturday with a bid of $3,200.

The trial of a group of men charged with carrying an uncased gun in the woods, “fox hunters,” has been continued.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Sharp report seeing a flock of about 100 geese flying north Thursday. Reed Moore heard the geese late in the evening so it is presumed they spent the night close by.

Mrs. Nola Rose and sons, Chuck and Tommy, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Slavin.

Joel Beard, of Hillsboro, celebrated his birthday on Sunday, March 15, with a dinner given by Mrs. Joel Beard for her husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Cackley, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Callison, Carolyn and Jane Callison.

Cadet Joel Callison who is attending Greenbrier Military School in Lewisburg will spend his spring vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Callison, of Beard.


The Marlinton Volunteer Fire Department was called out last Wednesday to a grass fire on Beard Heights, which burned about 2 acres of short grass, and on Monday to a flue fire at the Allie Dever home on Knapps Creek, which did no damage at all.



Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ira Armstrong, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Tammy Rene.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kidd, of Lewisburg, a daughter.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Douglas Dunbrack, of Buckeye, a daughter, named Addie Buckley.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Friel, of Columbus, Ohio, a daughter, named Jennifer Lynn.



Mrs. Mary Susan Gehauf, age 75, of Marlinton; death attributed to cancer; burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Mrs. Ida Elizabeth McClure, age 97, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Cora Gibson, of near Marlinton; burial in the Edray Cemetery.

Ressie Warden Moore, age 73, of Huntersville, a son of the late George and Amanda Moore; burial in the Beaver Creek Cemetery.

Mrs. Allie Wilson Galford, age 51, of Gap Mills; born at Marlinton, a daughter of Mrs. Lillian Wilson, of Lexington, Virginia, and the late Samuel R. Wilson; burial in Mountain View Cemetery.

Ricky Lee Workman, newborn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edra Workman, of Aberdeen Maryland; burial in Fairview Cemetery.

Calvin Keith Meeks, age 33, was accidentally electrocuted while working in Painesville, Ohio; burial in the Arbovale Cemetery.



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